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1950 Champion Selling Cheap in Hastings, Nebraska

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  • 1950 Champion Selling Cheap in Hastings, Nebraska

    My friend called an hour ago and talked to the seller. I sure wish this was closer, and I wish I had a place to keep it. A 4 door Champion for $1,000.
    It's listed as a 1949, but that's a mistake, and it is a 1950.
    BTW, the owner said some people want to slice off the front to hang on the wall and junk the rest of the car. What a waste that would be.

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    Priced right is more like it. That needs a lot of work.
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      God awful color tho, for me anyway.


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        Looks like a good deal to me! Mine was in worse shape than that and I had paid 1250$.

        If it was close it would be in my garage already getting prepped for paint and new interior.


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          It does need some work but looks like a sold car. I am sure someone could bring her back.