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New member... Barn find Sunday... Possible dictator??

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  • New member... Barn find Sunday... Possible dictator??

    Good morning,
    I am new to these forums but not new to forums in general. Some friends of mine and I went on a barn find adventure Sunday March 1st. A friend of a friend put dozens of vintage vehicles in a barn 50 years ago and pretty much walked away. Attached is one of the findings, i believe it to be a 1929 Dictator. I would imagine someone on here can confirm. The car is in remarkable condition considering it's age, all the parts are there.

    Thanks for your help

    All the best
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    I have no idea what model it is, but that is a nice looking coupe.
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      welcome to the forum. that is a sweet coupe indeed...git 'er running and leave it as a survivor and drive it! cheers, junior
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        That is a 1927 Dictator model EU, body style Q (2 passenger coupe). Possibly Q1 because of the golf bag door. There should be a tag under the hood on the passenger's side of the firewall which will have EU-Q (or Q1) and a number on it. The number is an assembly line sequence number, it is not a serial number, nor is it model specific. The serial number plate is on the left side frame rail behind the front wheel.



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          Thanks for the specifics Terry


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            I'll add my welcome to the Forum. As you can already see, this is the place for information on Studebakers.
            Based solely on the 2 photos you posted I would say jump on this car. It is a find.
            Next, join Studebaker Driver's International and your local chapter.
            I agree with Junior, get her running and stopping and then enjoy driving it.
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              Welcome To The World of Studebakers. They are addicting though.
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                ?Nice find. So what else was in there? What will be the fate of these vehicles?
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                  Originally posted by Anne F. Goodman View Post
                  Welcome To The World of Studebakers. They are addicting though.
                  Boy!...isn't that the truth.
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                    Originally posted by studeclunker View Post
                    ?Nice find. So what else was in there? What will be the fate of these vehicles?
                    It is not clear yet what the future holds for these vehicles since we have just scratched the surface. I have attached a few more pics from the find. Everything from Model T's, 1918 Buick Auburn, Crosley Hot Shot, Triumph bike, Nash Metro's, Willy's Jeep and many more.
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                      Nice looking vehicle, is this where the car was found? I am asking as the materials in the wall in front of the car don't appear to be half a century old.
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                        Honestly i'm not sure... The roof, siding, barn doors etc.. have obviously had some TLC. If you look at all the flattened tires (I have more pics of them) it appears the cars have been on this pad for quite some time. I am going to get more info as this was just something fun to do on a snowy day in Ohio


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                          That Studebaker sports a "historic" license plate. Based on it's condition and relative cleanliness, it may have been the most recently driven of the bunch.
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                            Hello I may be interested in one or more of those cars is they become available. I just bout a 29 & a 30 dictators coupe last year. Your car looks exactly like my 29 down to the steel disk wheels and golf door. Please keep me posted. Thanks

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                              That Model T radiator with the Peerless logo is an interesting bit of history. In that period, Peerless was still a prestige car on par with Packard and Pierce-Arrow.......perhaps the Model T owner was trying to give his plebeian jitney a bit of cache?