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Ian Fleming's Avanti

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    Originally posted by 8E45E View Post
    1800 bodies were manufactured in England by Jensen and Smith's instrumentation, so there was a good amount of British content in those cars.


    True...until the Swedes got tired of the UK-built rot-prone bodies and built them in-house.
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      Originally posted by Gunslinger View Post
      Since it was known that Fleming ordered the (supposedly) first black Avanti, it was assumed the first black car shipped to the UK was his.
      According to the Studebaker News magazine, it was the first Avanti 'shipped to a purchaser England'. Again, whether it was the first one ever is open to speculation as one of two may have been shipped there beforehand for the new car show. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ghlight=jaguar



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        Originally posted by go-studebaker View Post
        Hi Nels,
        I am not often on the forum.

        Years ago I had heard Fleming was considering using an Avanti for the Bond car. Chances are it came from you !!! It also might have been part of why he visited the factory in 1962. Since he passed away in 1964 we will never really know what he was thinking.

        Send me a pm so I can get you on my list for the UK newsletter.

        Hi Greg
        I haven't seen you in many years. It looks like you've acquired quite a few Studes over that time.
        On the 007 topic: I doubt if it was me that mentioned the Avanti being considered for the 007 car. I actually read that somewhere and at sometime in the distant pass.