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  • Not just any barn find!

    This 1932 Rockne rumble seat coupe was parked in the garage of my Gramp's best friend, Harold. Parked in 1952, and not registered since, (note the 1952 plate and inspection sticker), It was there in my earliest memories. In the sixties I played in the Rockne while it sat in this garage. Actually, it was more like I was told to "quit messing around in that car!" It is as 100% stock today as it was when parked it 62 years ago. It has weathered the storage well. No rust holes, just some great natural patina and a few mouse condos.
    Harold's daughter Darlene has enstrusted me to be the next caretaker, and I was happy to bring it home today. I hope to get it back on he road by summer where it truly belongs, I am so grateful to Darlene for this opportunity.
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    Wow Alan,you've got a great car there! It must be even more special since you already have some history with it. Also, welcome to the forum. You'll find it is a great resource. You'll want to connect with the Antique Studebaker Club and the Studebaker Drivers Club as well. Keep posted with pictures and updates as you get it going!

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      Good luck with your "care-taking", it is certainly a great find.
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        Hi Alan

        Good for you! Realizing how scarce and unique this Rockne is in its original, preserved state is the prefect start to becoming the careful conservator of this rarity. Appreciation of preserved, original cars have finally come into their own. AACA has the HPOF class specifically for them (Historic Preservation of Original Features). Congratulations and keep us apprised of your efforts in its conservation.



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          Get it running, driving and stoppin', and that's it. LOL


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            Fantastic! I'm with Flashback...leave it like it is...get it safely on the road and drive it. Like others have said, keep us up to date on you and the car.
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              Congratulations Alan! And welcome to the world of Studebaker-Rockne-Erskine-Packard-EMF-Flanders!
              What a fantastic car you have aquired! Get her in running and stopping condition and enjoy a car show or two with her!
              Please join the SDC and ASC, great resources for information and advice plus for searching for parts.
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                Very nice survivor. Lube all the moving parts and enjoy. Be careful with removing all that mouse crap, as it can be deadly. Wear a good mask.


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                  My best wishes go out to you & Darlene. I'm glad she recognized your love for the car & wasn't overwhelmed with greed as is so often the case. The Rockne wont be the only beneficiary.
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                    That's one great catch.

                    You're one lucky duck!
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                      Welcome Alan and CONGRATULATIONS !
                      I concur with recommendations to do nothing initially except repair and make safe and functional all mechanical, and electrical systems; FIRST, specifically the brakes.
                      I found my '33 Model 10 sedan a quarter century ago, stored in a garage since 1958. Your coupe is a jewel!
                      The Service Specifications and Adjustments manual for your Model 65 has been reproduced and is often available on auction sites and antique literature dealers. I HIGHLY recommend you obtain a copy! It's only 94 pages but an essential resource.
                      Larry Tholen has maintained a Rockne Registry for the past decade and has found 224 relatively complete Rocknes in the world so far. Yours will make 225!
                      Find your Serial No. tag on the frame rail under the left front fender, body tag on the cowl under the left hood and the engine number stamped in the center of the block just under the left side head.
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                        What a gorgeous car, Alan; congratulations. Agreed with the consensus: Get it running and driving and leave it alone as to appearance, save ordinary clean-up and the necessity of removing the mouse condo remains for personal safety and health reasons.

                        I would think this would be an excellent candidate for a Driveable Dream feature item in Hemmings Classic Car. 'Probably not in the near future, however, due to having had that similar 1937 President Coupe in the March 2015 edition. But tickle me in a year or so and I'll drop a note of recommendation and see if it does any good.

                        Again, all the best. It is an honor to be assigned Caretaker Status for such a nice piece of history. BP
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                          If beauty would have been the primary factor in sales numbers, the 32 Rockne should have out sold the Ford 10 to 1 . What a gorgeous car. Great find and good luck with the build.


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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	32 rockne 65 coupe copy.jpg
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                            Richard Quinn
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                              I evicted a bunch of mice today. While the interior was out I looked pretty hard inside and out.... no rust! Motor spins over so maybe some more cleaning and wiring to try firing it tomorrow.

                              I ordered my Service Specifications and Adjustments