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1950 Champion Rear Foot Rest Carpet Missing

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  • 1950 Champion Rear Foot Rest Carpet Missing

    The rear seat foot rest on the lower bottom of the front seat is missing it's carpet. What should it look like and how was it attached to the steel?

    Also does anyone sell it? So far I can't find it listed anywhere. I tried to save a piece from a junk yard car, but it pretty much turned to dust when I touched it. My Champ has brown carpet, if that matters. Thanks

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    In order to RR the footrest carpet you will have to remove the front seat. The bottom cushion simply lifts up
    and there will be 4 bolts that hold the frame to the floor. Take your time on those bolts and don't break them off. The bottom side
    of the footrest is rolled and piping on the carpet slides in this. You may have to open it up a bit to get the old piping out.
    It then wraps up around the top of the frame and is held on with screws. I believe your carpet was black before it faded. Check with
    one of the many SDC venders. Good luck.