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    Anyone have an idea of the process to get a title when you assemble a car from parts from here and there? I will end up with a 1951 Champion sedan but parts are from different cars built different years that span nearly a decade...all Studebaker. None of the parts sources had a title. Wonder how Johnny Cash did it?
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    Ray, I suggest you call the state motor vehicle dept in Frankfort. That will be the only reliable place to get a correct answer. If they have bad news, and it is difficult or impossible to get a title, there is a company that will get a title for you. I no longer have the info on that company but you can surely find it on the internet. The DOT is your best bet.
    If you do not have a serial number, you may have a problem. You may have to buy a junk car that has a serial number and use that number.


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      If you call the DMV, tell them what you have done and ask for their help, you will possibly screw yourself, depending upon whom at the DMV you reach.

      The car should be titled with the serial number on the door post.

      Here in California, you can bring in the car ( so they can verify the serial number) and tell them that you lost the paperwork. If the serial number is not in their database, fill out a bunch of forms swearing that the car is not stolen and you are good to go. You can also get the forms first and have any law officer read the serial number and verify it.

      There might be some similar process in Kentucky.
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        I know that in California, THE DMV IS NOT A RELIABLE PLACE to get a correct answer.
        You CAN get answers, at times, if you are lucky enough to find someone who knows their job.
        The DMV makes it clear that information from them is not to be taken as right and correct.
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          It all depends on your state rules. Hopefully KY has the rules on a website or other place.

          Generally, you want to use the serial number plate on the body shell and for extra points, hope it matches the number stamped on the frame.

          My '53 was certainly assembled out of parts from numerous cars but I got a MN title after some amount of troubles using the original s/n off the body. How and what you need to do will be depending totally on your state's rules so unless a KY resident posts with details, not much specific help anyone from somewhere else is of use.

          Jeff in ND


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            Its been about 10 years since I had a similar title issue here in KY. I had a Street Rodder friend, who lived near Frankfort and knew the ropes there, handle it for me. I dropped the car off at his house one weekend, and picked it up the next. He charged me $75 for his trouble, which I thought was fair. IIRC he had to drive it to Frankfort, or possibly had a Sheriff come to his house, to verify the serial number.

            So, I cannot tell you exactly how it was done, but know it is possible here in KY, a least it was 10 years ago.
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              Have the state assign a VIN to it.
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                There are many SDC members who have scrapped cars in the past and have kept the serial plates. I suggest if it is 51 Champion you will end up with then broadcast that fact on the Forum and I bet someone has a suitable plate that can be purchased.

                Stu Chapman


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                  if the car has a ID number on the driver post you will need to use it , here in California like Radio Roy stated it is quite simple if you know more than the people working at DMV, they can not even charge back fees even if it is in their computer but you need to know more than them, I can get a new California title but it cost about $250.00 then you can change it over in your state...Bob
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