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Help identifying exactly what model I have.

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  • Help identifying exactly what model I have.

    My 49 Commander starlight has a cowl tag of 16A-C3.Is this a base model Commander or is it a Regal Deluxe?Thanks

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    C3 would be a lower trim level coupe, I believe. Not sure about '49, but by '53 that was Deluxe.
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      Another quick way of telling is if the windshield and rear window have stainless trim over the rubber seal. If it does not then it is NOT the Regal trim package. There are other ways to tell but that is one of the more obvious ways of telling.
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        Car does not have the chrome around windshield, but it did have the more highly optioned grille package not seen on most the Commanders I have seen..Thus the confusion. lol


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          C-1 Custom; C-2 Custom Deluxe; C-3 Regal Deluxe.
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            Originally posted by Studebaker Wheel View Post
            C-1 Custom; C-2 Custom Deluxe; C-3 Regal Deluxe.
            I do not believe that you are correct for a 1949 Commander, the subject car.

            1949 Commander: 16A-C3 is Deluxe Starlight coupe; 16A-C5 is Regal Deluxe Starlight copupe
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              As difficult as it is to install those Mouldings with a Rubber Seal or Glass replacement, I am not surprised that they are missing. It's just a C3 without!

              If there were ALL those lower level Customs, wouldn't the Top TWO have Stainless Windshield and Backglass Mouldings?

              What about Door Window surround Mouldings, does it have those? That could be the difference between C3 and C5.
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                My car does have the chrome surround around the door windows, but does not have the chrome surround on the windshield, although I would like to put that chrome on the car.It also does not have chrome wing window frames either,and has painted ribbed seat trim instead of the chrome ones.And did not have the chrome ribs on the lower door panel.It also had no outside rear view mirror.It seems the optioned grille package is the only "extras" this car came with.