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Save a truck in Nebraska

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  • Save a truck in Nebraska

    Anyone want to save this truck?
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    Grand Island is in Nebraska
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      I wish they had better pictures. About all you can tell is that it is a 2R, but nothing about its condition.
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        Could you change the title of your post to alert our Nebraska friends?
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          Thanks Matt and bezhawk, I should have known I wasn't in Kansas anymore



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            Knew it wasn't in New Jersey. If it were, there wouldn't be a unbroken window left in her.
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              i noticed that the truck is listed in CL's "farm and garden" section - not in "cars and trucks". that may keep some folks from finding the ad.

              from the limited pics, it certainly looks decent enough for at least parts for someone in the general area. i suppose it would depend if his "scrap price" is true. the phone # is listed.
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                Batka! Paging Mr. John Batka! (a.k.a. 289Stude)
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