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  • Still need help with dealer badge

    Trying AGAIN to locate a dealer badge for my 53, Take a look here (close look) and remember that one you have layin around. Anyone ever seen one? HALL MOTOR CO GLASGOW KY

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    Went back and checked your initial post from April. I wanted to see if someone had suggested what I'm about to. Looks like no one has.

    Take your car or a good photograph of what's left of the sticker to a local graphic arts store/signmaker. Have them clean up then duplicate what's left of your sticker in their computer software, and reproduce it. It's probably your only hope.

    Unless of course, the wash rack guy at Hall Motor Co. stuck a few in his shirt pocket back then, and you get lucky at his estate auction and buy the box of books with the one he pressed the stickers in. (That's how I saved a few from the old Chrysler-Plymouth dealer I worked at!). Good Luck!


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      I've tried a few different methods of finding this name, but nothing comes up. Are you sure Hall Motor Co was a Stude dealer? Might have been a Used Car lot...
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        It's listed on your site:
        Hall Motor Co
        Stanley Hall
        206 North Race Street
        Glasgow, Ky
        From the SDC forum
        Aug 2007
        South Lompoc Studebaker


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          Yes, but that's from his thread posting in Dec 2007, which was similar to this one... I went and tried looking it up using a few learned search methods and can't find anything...
          64 GT Hawk (K7)
          1970 Avanti (R3)


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            Tex, i think i'd look at the build sheet (if you have one) and find a nearby Studebaker Dealer in the area listed. also - since this isn't going back to "original" - i'd see about finding a Stude Dealer placard or sticker from your local area. that would get some attention/conversation at local car shows.

            just my 2 cents...

            awaiting more pics of the rebuild!
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