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    I have a 54 Starlight Coupe. I replaced the rear axles with the Fairborn kit and also used his disc brake conversion. The car is going to be a mild custom and I want to use 15in Cragar or something similar. Do I need a specific back spacing to clear the calipers? I've tried to get hold of Phil but he's a hard man to catch. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    put a straight edge across the mounting surface where the wheel fits to see if there is any contact with the brake components. If yes, then you will need a wheel that will clear the offending parts, or use a wheel spacer to correct the situation. If there is contact between the top of the caliper and wheel rim then you will need a larger diameter wheel if a spacer can't solve the problem....long and short of it is back spacing usually will affect wheel/tire clearance with inner fender wells and outside sheet metal. Wheel (mounting face and center dish)design and diameter matter more to caliper clearance. Sorry, can't get specific with the actual set-up you have...just talking in general. cheers, junior
    1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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      The Cragars will look good.
      On the caliper clearance, if you go to a cast wheel, check where the rim and spoke's/center come together. I've had wheels/calipers interfere there. The Cragar wheels should fit fine. Verify by what junior said.



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        Thanks guys. I'll keep ya posted.