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  • Studebakers & parts in ND

    I have to eliminate some stuff from my yard - a 1962 GT Hawk is one of them. This car had all the body work & rust repair done, & a new paint job & seat upholstery, carpets & headliner prior to my purchase. Seat backs did not come with car; headliner poorly installed, burns oil, has a burnt valve, brown door panels were being painted black. This was one of those great Ebay deals; and of course the shortcomings were not disclosed. Being I have a 56J, 61 Hawk 4 speed, (2) other 62 GT's, (2) 63 GT's & a 64 GT plus many parts GT's; don't need this one.
    With just a small financial investment & some TLC; this could be a nice car. I would like to recoupe at least some of my Ebay Bargain funds; am willing to accept offers on it - I would like to see around $5500; but don't be bashful.
    Also have couple 1.5 ton M trucks, only part of cabs, some fenders, 2 hoods, wheels/tires and one trans remain; as well as a hoist on one.
    57 Champion 4 door, mostly complete less engine & trans
    these will be going to the crusher soon; need to clean yard.
    Also parted out 47 Cham & 48 Commander; as well as several 61-63 Larks, wagons/4 doors & 2dr HT's.
    Been buying out old gas stations & garages for years; if you need a thermostat for a 32 LaSalle etc; I may have it - lots of piston rings, filters, ignition parts, starter springs, etc.
    Also looking for a source for a brake light switch for 1955 Packards with Torsion Level ride - these are the 3 terminal switches.
    Please email for additional information, photos, etc.
    Also have a Hudson Super Jet & old Kaiser to dispose of, as well as MANY Jeep wagoneers & parts for 70's to 1990 Jeeps; & snowmobiles & parts for mostly pre - 1980 snowmobiles - if someone wants to start an antique snowmobile parts business; I can set you up in that!