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    If you have a 1960 Champ, half or three-quarter ton (or know of one) - lets see them. Put up all the information you have and include some photos if they are available. Please leave out any personal information - someone can pm you if they want to "talk." Click on the serial number to go to that particular vehicle's post.

    5E5 - 170 L-head six 1/2 ton (E5-127301 - 129448)
    E5-127549 (8/8/18)
    E5-128021 (8/31/18)
    E5-128075 (7/6/19)
    E5-128245 (1/17/21)
    E5-128274 (9/24/17)
    E5-128326 (12/4/18)
    E5-128394 (6/26/18)
    E5-128491 (12/8/20)
    E5-128496 (4/22/16)
    E5-128589 (11/9/18)
    E5-129004 (9/25/14)
    E5-129117 (6/30/17)
    E5-129245 (6/22/17)
    E5-129280 (12/5/20)

    5E6 - 245 L-head six 1/2 ton (E6-18201 - 19630)
    E6-18211 (10/5/14)
    E6-18224 (9/1/18)
    E6-18632 (7/9/18)
    E6-18695 (7/14/18)
    E6-18910 (10/4/14)
    E6-18931 (1/18/20)
    E6-18971 (10/4/14)
    E6-19099 (10/3/20)
    E6-19131 (3/14/17)
    E6-19309 (10/7/18)
    E6-19260 (10/4/14)
    E6-19597 (8/23/17)

    5E7 - V8 1/2 ton (E7-12301 - 13778)
    E7-12371 (3/3/19)
    E7-12373 (2/21/16)
    E7-12404 (8/8/15)
    E7-12457 (10/17/14)
    E7-12521 (3/28/15)
    E7-12582 (11/29/17)
    E7-12604 (9/19/18)
    E7-12761 (6/26/18)
    E7-12783 (4/23/18)
    E7-12803 (4/22/18)
    E7-12808 (11/19/16)
    E7-12934 (9/28/14)
    E7-13021 (6/17/16)
    E7-13055 (10/11/14)
    E7-13090 (11/29/17)
    E7-13102 (2/3/19)
    E7-13138 (12/11/16)
    E7-13203 (1/30/17)
    E7-13205 (8/19/19)
    E7-13272 (12/13/18)
    E7-13543 (3/27/17)
    E7-13557 (8/20/17)
    E7-13598 (1/14/21)

    5E11 - 245 L-head six 3/4 ton (E11-13901 - 14190)
    E11-13995 (7/20/19)

    5E12 - V8 3/4 ton (E12-4301 - 4561)
    E12-4390 (11/18/20)
    E12-4428 (6/29/18)

    Remember, this does not have to only be a truck you own - could be one you know of or one that is for sale you saw somewhere - just want to see how many we can come up with. Can include any trucks that are "field flowers" or ones that were parted out years ago - just curious as to what is out there.

    If you need me to host your photos - just email them to - and put VIN and name so I know who you are.

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    1962 Champs -
    1963 Champs -
    1964 Champs -
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    Looks like I'm first!


    Before I got the truck someone had converted it (badly) to V8 installing a 56 289.

    This picture was taken about 10 years ago after my first attempt at a DIY paint job.

    It's currently off the road awaiting rebuilding.
    Jeff DeWitt


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      Here is the truck a few years later, RIGHT before I took it off the road... as you can see that shiny red paint didn't hold up very well!

      Jeff DeWitt


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        5E7-12934 - 122 WB - T4 cab

        Accessories: radio, oil filter, climatizer, and lighter

        For sale online.

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          Yikes, mine is in better shape and it's half taken apart!
          Jeff DeWitt


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            Owned by Jim Langdon in 2004.

            Posted on Studebaker Truck Talk page -


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              Guess I'd better post mine.....5E6-112 T6 trim
              serial # E6-18910
              I changed the motor over to a '64 full flow 289 . It still has 3 spd OD with a 427 rearend

              Home of the Fried Green Tomato


              1960 Champ , 1966 Daytona , 1965 Daytona Wagonaire


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                The '60 Champ that my Dad sold himself new in Inglewood, CA is E6-18971, a 5E6-T6-122 in 6053 Oasis Green with Engine # 4E-10460.

                It was ordered 4/23/60 and built 5/10/60 as Line Number 3323

                It has the 245 6 Cyl. Engine and Standard 3 Speed that will be changed to Overdrive and a 4.09 Rear Axle and was ordered with (5) of the optional 7.10X15 Firestone 4 Ply (Car) Tires.

                The first year, 1960's were quite Special and different than the '61 to '64 year models:

                The only year with real stitched, pleated Dash Pads with the Regal Lark Silver piping on Deluxe Cabs.

                The only year with 1960 Lark Park Light/Air Vent Assemblies.

                The only year with the Lark "dished" Deluxe Cab Body Side Mouldings.

                The only year with Color Keyed, matching Interiors.

                The only year with 1960 Lark Deluxe Door Panels.

                The ONLY year with the 3 indentations in the Cab Rear Panel over the window.

                The only year that the Commander 245 Big 6 Engine was available in Champs with 204 Ft. Lbs. of Torque and 118 HP.

                The T4 Cab that '62champ posted that is listed For Sale, looks like is WAS the same Oasis Green that mine is.
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                Second Generation Stude Driver,
                Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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                  5E6 18211 in Iowa, restored and running great Number 10 off the line with Commander 6(Beast) under the hood. Full torque @ 1200rpm. Big difference from driving a Champion 6 in my 60 Lark to the Commander 6 in the Champ truck. Changed color from original DOT Orange to Oasis Green.


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                    5E7-13055 - 112 WB - T6 cab - four speed

                    Discussed on Studebaker Truck Talk - Jan. 2010.

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                      5E7-12457 - 112 WB - T6 cab

                      Truck was originally a straight three speed and was used for about five years to haul vegetables from the Texas Rio Grande Valley up to the Milam County, Texas area. My Uncle bought the truck around 1965 to use as a farm truck and has been in the family ever since.

                      Ended up being parked around 1980. By that time, OD had been added and the original V8 was replaced by a Studebaker V8 used in a circle track car out of Waco, Texas. My Uncle also had a set of 14 inch wheels on it with 1958 Studebaker hubcaps - this was possible by having a set of Studebaker truck wheel centers welded inside some 14 inch Buick wheels.

                      My Uncle pulled it out storage and restored it in 1992-93. The tool box on the truck was hand-made by one of his nephews in a high school shop class in the early 1970s... Dash pad is the original, although the threads have disappear long ago. Some will note the mesh behind the grill - my Uncle installed it out of a '62 Lark. Purpose was to keep sun flower and corn stalks from punching holes in the radiator.

                      Photo from 1994 following the finish of this truck and work had started on a 7E7-122

                      Local parade photos.

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                        Wow! How many Champs does it take to do a Small Country Town? Parade?
                        Second Generation Stude Driver,
                        Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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                          Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
                          Wow! How many Champs does it take to do a Small Country Town? Parade?
                          I think once we had 10 Studebakers in a 50 entry parade (only 4 trucks...) - small town festival...

                          Photo below is clean up before one of these parades...

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                            BUMP! Are there any more 1960 Champs out there? I found this Champ registry Post had dropped like a rock to Pg. 2, not like the other years that are more common.
                            Second Generation Stude Driver,
                            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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                              E7-12521 T6 Cab 122" wheel base.

                              259 two barrel, with H.D. column shift automatic transmission. The color was originally sherwood green, but it was repainted red at some point long ago. Other options include 2-stage rear springs, H.D. radiator, H.D. battery, rear bumper, wet air cleaner, tinted windshield, mirrors, 40 amp generator, oil filter, and dual horns. It originally had a 4.09 twin track rear, but it was changed to a 3.31 open rear by the previous owner.

                              Originally sold in St. Augustine, Fl. I bought it in La Porte, In. in 2004. The story was that it was used by a fire department at some point and that is why it was painted red. There are a couple of hole in the middle of the roof that help support that claim.

                              It has been a great truck, but I haven't driven it much in the last few years so I'll get it out this spring, clean it up, and put it up for sale.