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    If you have a 1963 Champ, half or three-quarter ton (or know of one) - lets see them. Put up all the information you have and include some photos if they are available. Please leave out any personal information - someone can pm you if they want to "talk." Click on the serial number to go to that particular vehicle's post.

    8E5 - OHV Six 1/2 ton - (E5-136001 - 138618)
    E5-136082 (7/26/16)
    E5-136092 (2/22/23) ‚Äč
    E5-136107 (11/30/19)
    E5-136192 (9/16/14)
    E5-136309 (2/21/15)
    E5-136340 (8/9/20)
    E5-136353 (6/10/18)
    E5-136370 (2/12/17)
    E5-136472 (10/6/19)
    E5-136528 (10/9/14)
    E5-136533 (4/26/18)
    E5-136548 (12/28/16)
    E5-136561 (9/14/20)
    E5-136562 (6/8/18)
    E5-136602 (7/28/20)
    E5-136622 (9/19/14)
    E5-136654 (2/4/17)
    E5-136664 (11/9/20) + photos (6/27/21)
    E5-136726 (10/12/14)
    E5-136840 (6/21/15)
    E5-136904 (2/8/17)
    E5-136911 (10/24/19)
    E5-137161 (12/28/16)
    E5-137224 (9/13/14)
    E5-137228 (9/16/14) + photos (1/12/19)
    E5-137250 (5/4/20)
    E5-137333 + photos (9/12/14)
    E5-137355 (7/16/17)
    E5-137438 (12/10/17)
    E5-137547 (7/7/18)
    E5-137565 (11/17/19)
    E5-137627 (3/28/17)
    E5-137663 (10/19/14)
    E5-137848 (10/25/16)
    E5-137857 (10/12/14)
    E5-137957 (11/17/17)
    E5-137987 (3/21/15)
    E5-138023 (12/3/18)
    E5-138067 (12/16/16)
    E5-138185 (12/1/18)
    E5-138189 (9/13/14)
    E5-138254 (2/18/15) on '64 Champ page
    E5-138288 (5/4/15)
    E5-138290 - (8/12/20)
    E5-138534 + photo (10/19/14)
    E5-138580 (2/23/23)

    8E7 - V8 1/2 ton - (E7-18901 - 21188)
    E7-18933 (9/15/17)
    E7-18960 (10/5/14)
    E7-19052 (3/30/20)
    E7-19115 (1/24/17)
    E7-19156 (5/19/18)
    E7-19198 (5/25/20)
    E7-19225 (11/19/16)
    E7-19304 (5/1/16)
    E7-19327 (9/3/16)
    E7-19345 (11/25/17)
    E7-19404 (2/20/17)
    E7-19421 (8/22/15)
    E7-19486 (9/19/14)
    E7-19740 (7/5/19)
    E7-19797 (10/12/15)
    E7-19823 (3/21/18)
    E7-19828 (7/3/19)
    E7-20021 (12/28/16)
    E7-20025 (2/19/15) on '64 Champ page
    E7-20030 (9/18/14)
    E7-20031 (9/23/14)
    E7-20078 (10/11/15)
    E7-20083 (3/12/23)
    E7-20241 (12/27/17)
    E7-20263 (7/30/18)
    E7-20325 (3/3/18)
    E7-20456 (2/1/17)
    E7-20467 (2/21/15)
    E7-20526 (2/26/16)
    E7-20549 (7/24/18)
    E7-20743 (8/6/18)
    E7-20811 (9/29/16)
    E7-20849 (7/9/18)
    E7-20879 (2/9/16)
    E7-20881 (7/12/18)
    E7-20886 (3/2/23)
    E7-20927 (9/30/20)
    E7-20944 (6/14/17)
    E7-20945 (10/19/14)
    E7-21040 (2/26/16)
    E7-21146 (2/26/16)
    E7-21154 (11/7/20)
    E7-21158 (2/27/16)
    E7-21162 (5/27/16)
    E7-21180 (7/6/18)

    8E10 - OHV Six 3/4 ton - (E10-39901 - 40169)
    E10-39966 (8/24/18
    E10-40000 (7/15/18)
    E10-40068 (1/16/19)
    E10-40113 (10/12/17)

    8E12 - V8 3/4 ton - (E12-5901 - 6590)
    E12-5975 (7/31/20)
    E12-5986 (9/14/14)
    E12-6072 (5/30/23)
    E12-6414 (9/13/14) + photo updates (5/12/17)
    E12-6445 (6/25/21)
    E12-6447 (11/15/14)
    E12-6517 (6/23/21)

    Remember, this does not have to only be a truck you own - could be one you know of or one that is for sale you saw somewhere - just want to see how many we can come up with. Can include any trucks that are "field flowers" or ones that were parted out years ago - just curious as to what is out there.

    If you need me to host your photos - just email them to - and put VIN and name so I know who you are.

    1960 Champs -
    1961 Champs -
    1962 Champs -
    1964 Champs -
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    I have an 8E5 112 and an 8E7. I do not see any links to the page for that above. Or are we supposed to put it here?
    8E5-112 E5-137333
    8E7-122 E7-22236
    Got them both from Lional Stone. The E5 in 1977 and the E7 about the time of his accident in 2009.
    Was going to put up pics. but Photobucket is giving me a bunch of crap.
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      Yep Alan, just put a post on this thread with all your information for people to see (if they are 1963s). With the serial number, I will link your post to the top post.


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        Yep - in due time I will start a thread for the '64 8Es - will probably happen after starting a thread on 5E Champs...keep your eyes peeled


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          I have a '63 8E5. Bought new from Pierotti Motors in Fremont, CA, I know nothing about the first owner. The second owner bought it in the early '80's, overhauled the engine, painted it and drove it for a few years, and ended up driving it (with no overdrive) cross country to Asheville. In about 1990, I started seeing it driving about town with a For Sale sign, but he was always going in the wrong direction, and by the time I turned around, I could never find him. In 1991, I finally caught up with him. He was using it in his masonry business, knew it was ruining the truck, but needed to sell it to buy a modern, throw away truck for work. We negotiated a really great price and it was mine!

          In 2000, I was ready to repaint it and reupholster it, as it was getting rather ratty from his use, and mine. I stripped it to metal, found some surprisingly deep bondo in the cab and bed where it had been in a collision, did my best to pull it into shape (not good, but better) painted it in my 1940 wooden garage, slid an NOS 1961 seat cover on, made a headliner, and completed the truck in 2001. The previous owner could not match the original green, and ended up with 1978 Cadillac Basil Green Firemist metallic that is sort of close. I like it better, so used the same color on my respray. I entered it in the SE Zone meet and took 1st in my class! I was surprised and pleased!

          Over the years, it's just been normal upkeep, but in the mid 2000's I started building a 185 OHV 6 to put into the tiring 170 in it. I finally finished the thing in 2012, rebuilt the trans, and have been enjoying it since. It's not fast by any means, but a much better engine than the 170. I've been up to 80 MPH in it, it had a few more MPH in it, but that was enough for me. In a year or two, it'll be time to refresh the paint again, as some rust has started to pop out, and of course these is till that old collision damage that needs to be fixed properly.
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          Ron Dame
          '63 Champ


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            Thanks Ron - do you have the VIN and any other details on how it is equipped?


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              8E5-137224 - 112 - T4 trim

              Reported to have radio and heater.

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                Originally posted by 62champ View Post
                Thanks Ron - do you have the VIN and any other details on how it is equipped?
                8E5 -112. E5 138189 started life with no overdrive and no heat, now has both, but still no radio. T6 trim.

                Currently has the original 4.27 open diff, I have a 4.09 TT to install. Besides the 185 OHV, I've reworked the overdrive kick down to be on the clutch, so I can have a 5 on the tree. 2nd OD to straight third is a pretty good split between 2nd and 3rd. Kick down occurs if I just tap the clutch. I like it better than the factory kickdown on the throttle, but that's just me. I also have four balanced brake drums, if anyone else has a vibration they can't cure, check your brake drums! I also have Turner front disks, and a dual master cylinder.
                Ron Dame
                '63 Champ


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                  I have 8E126414. Its 3/4 ton with the new process 5 speed od and 4.10 twin traction rear end.

                  since this picture was taken I have painted the mirror bracket and stems white and in the process of trying to find the correct white mirrors.


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                    Originally posted by Alan View Post
                    I have an 8E5 112 and an 8E7.
                    8E5-112 E5-137333
                    8E7-122 E7-22236
                    Thanks Alan - got the E5 recorded, but it appears your E7 is actually a '64 model (first VIN for E7s in 1964 is 21251). But do not fear, I have a friend who is chomping at the bit for a '64 registry, so it will be up some time in the near future .


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                      I have 8E12-122 SN 5986 trim code T6. daily driver not restored. 289 T98 from factory changed to NP540 5sp OD transmission w/4:10 rear twin traction. Great work horse deserving of a new paint job.


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                        My champ started life as a DIY two trucks erector set. I always wanted a Nash truck, but finding them too few and once found in deplorable condition my next choice, being fond of studebakers, was owning one (truck). The particular year did not bother, I just wanted a cool stude truck. My buddy studebob, in Visalia, ca. Located the two donors for me in1995. The work took many years and, of course, had to be budget based. So hence, by about 2005, it traveled to my home in LA county. It wears these designations; E 5 - 136192, 8 E 5 - 112 and 8 E - T 6.
                        So, in other words it is no longer a six cylinder, but sports a 259 full-flow oil filtered, bored 30 over and with parts from Ted Harbit engine upgrade offerings. I liked the WCFB carb which works well on it, ( I stole it from my sons 63 Daytona roll-top wagon after he purchased the edelbrock carb). The "Chump" , as I lovingly call it, also is now a 122 inch bed. I wanted a truck that would work as a truck, not just a pretty little show piece. That's it.


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                          My 63 is E5137228 T-6 . When I bought it the Champ was powered by a 57 Commander 259 With 3:31 rear end. Originally a 3 speed it now has a 64 Avanti 289 & is automatic. Dave T-Bow did the rebuild last year with R3 upgrades. The 12" boom box has also been removed.
                          It's the best work truck I've ever had. The tonneau cover snaps on for car shows. Right now the tin worm is feasting on the rockers & fenders.
                          Those fiberglass fenders in the new SI catalog sure look inviting!

                          Click image for larger version

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                            Originally posted by rbruner View Post
                            My 63 is E5137228. It left the factory as a 259 & 3 speed. It now has a 64 Avanti 289 & is automatic. Dave T-Bow did the rebuild last year with R3 upgrades.
                            It's the best work truck I've ever had. The toneau cover snaps on for car shows. Right now the tin worm is feasting on the rockers & fenders.
                            Those fiberglass fenders in the new SI catalog sure look inviting!
                            I was thinking about getting a tonneau cover for my 64 8E7 long bed. Did you have yours custom made?
                            Mike Davis
                            1964 Champ 8E7-122 "Stuey"


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                              My cover came with the Champ. Two oak bows slip into metal tracks to help repel water. I rarely use it because it's not practical for every day use.