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    Well, the day has come that I've gotten the urge to start working on my Daytona HT again.[:0][^] (Haven't touched it in SEVERAL months. [V]) Been going to the shop afterschool a few days this week and doing a few little things. Nothing major, yet, but stuff that will need doing sometime anyways.
    I went ahead and ordered a lot of new parts this week, even a new reproduction dash cap for the '63 Larks.
    I have a rather nice dash from a parts car, with only a few small cracks. Still, it's brittle enough that it wouldn't last long. I'll use it with the new cap, instead of the dash in the car now. (Talk about SHOT! [xx(]) Once that new cap arrives, I'll redo the dash and put it away until it's time to install, and then onto something else!

    Today I got out a 40K mile speedometer I had. Took it apart and cleaned the lens and polished the outer ring. Took the assembly out of the housing and rolled the odometer back to zero. Being that the speedo wasn't original to the car, and the actual mileage is unknown, I figured that it would be best to start at zero. After all, almost everything else on the car will be new. Got everything back together just fine, and temporarily installed it in a '64 guage surround that I'd taken apart and cleaned up a couple days ago. I like it MUCH better than the aluminum '63 surround, so that's what I'm going with.

    I'll get this car together one day, one part at a time!

    Maybe we'll be back at the car full-fledged as soon as we get through with the GT Hawk. It's a lot easier to do one car at a time, I think. [8D]

    BTW, a Stude pickup tailgate makes for an excellent workbench.

    Matthew Burnette
    '59 Scotsman
    '63 Daytona
    Hazlehurst, GA