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I'm new to all this, requesting your patience!

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    Hi All - Need to sell my 1962 GT Hawk. An unplanned situation came up. Anyone interested? Any pointers how / where to advertise? Help always appreciated - thank you!


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      I am very sorry to hear that you have personal issues, we NEED you here and owning a Nice Stude.

      eBay unfortunately works the best, and I say that due to the Cost, but with a World Wide audience, you really can not beat it.

      Start it at what you HAVE to have out of it with No Reserve, or start it Low; 500 to 2000.00 with the amount you MUST have, as the Reserve.

      Of course keeping in mind that if you start it at a unrealistic Start Price and no reserve, there will be no Bids, because they know they will have BOUGHT it!

      How short is your emergent timeframe?
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        Thanks for the guidance. I would need to sell this over the next month or so. I am losing my garage space as my mother in law needs to move in with us and I have to renovate the garage into an apt. for her. She will be coming up from Florida in 2 months (once out of hospital) and the renovation should take about 5 weeks. I'll go to eBay and see if I have any luck. Ever hear of a web service called "Once Driven"? They charge about $250 and market your car for you. There is no fee adjustment based on selling price. Seems interesting - I just don't know anyone who has used them. And lastly, any input on the value of my 62? Runs great, never restored, no rust, just needs some TLC and an interior rug.


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          Did anyone notice the rear trunk applique is missing & are unique to 62.They are hard to find in good
          condition.A NOS 1 on E-Bay fetched over $1000. recently


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            When he first posted, I e-mailed the Hawk's owner asking location in CT and price. I have heard nothing back. If the Hawk isn't too far from me, I could look at it. Even if I do not buy it, I could be eyes for others (that know me).

            If you want to sell it, eBay is the way to go. Start with a low price and a reserve that you can live with. Give a good, honest description.
            Most of these other sites are just looking to collect listing fees. If they sell, it is just gravy to them, but not their main thing.
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