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I'm new to all this, requesting your patience!

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    The headlight surrounds should be chrome on all 1962 Hawks.
    The side grilles were painted body color on domestic 1962 Hawks and chrome on some/most export (non-US) 1962 Hawks.
    Unless it was built for stock, your build sheet should show where the car was initially destined to go to.
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      Restoration in progress. After weeks of waiting, I picked up my 1962 GT Hawk! Looks better in the daylight! Looking for referrals on the following parts... Ignition Switch complete assembly, rear fender mounted antenna, and a 2 bbl 289 carburetor (complete). Can anyone point me to reputable vendors? Also - looking for advice - should I seek out New Old Stock or repro parts?


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        Check out Studebaker International in Indiana. They have just printed a new catalog and will deliver free to the York PA swap meet in early March. Welcome aboard, the Studebaker world needs more young people, and good luck on your project.

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          The antenna mounted on the front fender works much better than the ones mounted on the rear deck. Some of the reproduction rear deck antennas had manufacturing problems.
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            Originally posted by RadioRoy View Post
            The antenna mounted on the front fender works much better than the ones mounted on the rear deck. Some of the reproduction rear deck antennas had manufacturing problems.
            Back in the early 1980's, I had a '62 GT Hawk. When I got it, the rear antenna was broken. I kept the antenna base and figured out how to mount an aftermarket electric antennae through the original mount. Instead of connecting it to extend when the radio was turned on...I wired a separate toggle switch.

            I got a kick out of entertaining the kids looking at my strange car with the "stinger" running up and down in back.
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              There were no rear fender mounted antennas, just another "owner option" like the fender mounted Mirrors. There are several styles of actual "Studebaker" side view mirrors available at Studebaker Vendors at:

              Yours are aftermarket mirrors, so don't spend good money replating them.

              It is very clear to me that this original owner liked his Cars "his way" so expect to find several more personal touches like we have found, that he did to the car.

              You have to figure, if he owned this car for 52 years, he had plenty of time to change a few things more to HIS liking.

              To the point of NOS vs New or reproduction Parts.

              There are many Rubber Parts like door seals, Window Seals, "A" Arm Bushings, rear spring bushings, Engine Mounts etc. that you definitely DO NOT want NOS, since old Rubber is dried out Old Rubber.

              Steel, Iron or other metal parts do not deteriorate if properly stored except for Chromed ones.

              You want the best that your money can buy since the difference can sometimes be nil, and other times, there is a reason they are cheap.
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                Take it slow until you find out what you have, how the car will clean up and run. Not all cars need to be restored or deserve to be restored. If the paint and interior turn out to really be what the car came with you will, no doubt, find as much interest in the car as if you put a great deal of time and money into it. Your audience will be quite different, real car people to whom the story of a survivor is as important as shinny paint. Try to trace the cars history. That may not be as hard as it might seem, since very few low mileage cars have survived without some long term intervention by a single owner or family. Survivor cars have become a large part of the car hobby. Try to be patient and let others enjoy a real survivor before you decide that you stand to own an unrestored car.-Bill


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                  That's what I was thinking. If this car is as nice as the pics seem to look,it might deserve to NOT be restored.I'd like to see some good pics of it out in the sun with a good clean up and buff job on it!


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                    Is a column shift stick rare on hawks?

                    Cool car!

                    I agree with the advice to not tear it all apart!
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                      Originally posted by t walgamuth View Post
                      Is a column shift stick rare on hawks?

                      Cool car!I agree with the advice to not tear it all apart!
                      Since you could order any available option you wanted, they were not considered rare in the day, but after this many years attrition would probably have affected these the most being the weaker link than the 4 Speed or Flight-O-Matic and then there's the Clutch as well, so nowadays there are not a lot of them left, most 3 speeds would be 3 Speed with Overdrive as my '63 GT is, very few would be straight 3 Speeds for a good reason.
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                        You may want to consider it a survivor and just clean up and polish what you have. As they say, they are only original once.


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                          Welcome aboard. I've been playing with Studebakers for about 30 years. I've never had a bad experience here on this forum. This is the place to begin and stay. You live in the Northeast so I'll simply say I've dealt locally with Jerry Forrester (chrome) Dave Thibeault, (right near you technical stuff and easy to talk to) and Stude International. I've bought and sold parts here (forum) all over the country never a problem. First thing get Turning Wheels. Second join a local chapter. Third ATTEND Zone meets...even if you don't bring a car. You can make Reedsville and York from where you live. (Parts meets and more every year)...attend at least one a year.


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                            Quick Update (pictures coming soon)..... So I got the 62 running, mechanic says runs well. Charged the battery, replaced passenger side door handle, new oil filter, rebuilt the carb, replaced distributor cap and she started right up! Got some white walls on it and stock rims and lug nuts. Will buy hubcaps soon and interior rug.
                            Latest question..... The hood does not stay up and I do not know how it is supposed to stay up. Any ideas on what is needed to keep the hood up? It doesn't look like there are any missing parts (like a swing arm or post). Help, advice - as always appreciated. Thanks all!


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                              Steve, there is supposed to be a hood support Rod that is hinged at the passenger side of the radiator cross support and swings up into a hole in the hood bar by the grill. It is often missing as the keeper clip would break and the Rod would fall free.


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                                Thanks for the update on your GT Hawk. BTW, I love the colour of your Hawk, I personally think they look best in Black.

                                Here's a picture of someone's Hawk with the prop rod shown. Picture probably taken at the South Bend International a few years ago.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC00393.jpg
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                                Get the clip when you find a prop rod, without it is a pain lifting the hood and trying to fit the prop rod in the hole.

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