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I'm new to all this, requesting your patience!

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  • I'm new to all this, requesting your patience!

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    A 259 and a 289 are the same size on the outside. I'll bet a 289. That 62V number, is that from the plate on the firewall? If so, look on the pillar of the drivers' door for a serial number. Gran Turismos are the only GT Hawks. I don't believe the wheels are factory. Others will know more. Nice find.
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      Welcome to the forum. You came to the right place to find out info on your car. Wealth of info here and the guys are willing to help. Many of the Studees had the mirrors mounted on the fenders. It's very practical. I mounted mine on the doors of my Hawk and let me tell you with the vent windows I find passenger mirror useless ( execept for bling). I thought about putting mine on the fenders, however I thought my Packard Hawk looked odd enough.



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        Looking at your photos the car is a 62 GT. I don't believe a 259 or wire wheels were options for 62 GT's. Maybe a 259 option for some export marked but I have not read it.

        The engine can be identified by locating the engine number which you will find on the front of the engine in the valley towards the drivers side. A number starting with a P or V or PC or VC will denote a 289 or 259 respectively but if a swap has been done it could be anything.



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          Welcome to the Forum! A total of 9335 GT's or Gran Turismo Hawks were produced for the 1962 model year. The number you referenced is a serial number and unlike a VIN, which was not used by Studebaker does not tell us much about the vehicle. The serial number does tell us it is a US produced Studebaker. The I was used as a 1 by Studebaker. For more info about equipment contact the Studebaker National Museum and purchase a copy of the production order from them. The rims are not a Studebaker item. The side grilles on your car are chrome but were painted body color on U.S. produced GT's and chrome on Canadian cars. In most instances the mirrors were a dealer installed item, most were next to the vent window.

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            Serial Number from drivers door. The people I am speaking with are the original owners grand kids. They swear he bought everything stock from the factory. (Who knows??) The car has 25,600 original miles and needs some love, but all the parts (with spare parts and manuals) are available (I'm told). I offered $3,000 as is for this car. Any idea on the value as is??? There are also 2 rolls royces in the "hoard" - I've no interest in these. But the 62 Stude is a great looking American car! Thanks very much for all the replies. Would love to hear more!!! I need to know what I don't know!!!


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              Originally posted by steve75 View Post
              Quantity of this model produced in 1962... I get conflicting info - anyone know?

              Serial Number of the car I am looking at is 62V-I9630, i've read that the 4th digit "I" was used instead of 1. Any other info you can tell be based on this number?

              Looks like the smaller v-8 - 259 cubic inch???

              One unusual thing is the car I looked at has side view mirrors mounted on the fenders (both drivers side and passenger side). I have not seen this in any cars I viewed on line. Any comments?

              Looks like factory supplied real spoke wheels - was this an actual option?
              And last question (for now).... Are all Grand Tourismos also known as GT Hawks in 1962?

              Hi, Steve; welcome aboard.

              All 1962 Hawks are Gran Turismo Hawks (note that spelling; there's no "d" after Gran, and only one "o" in Turismo).

              Studebaker built 9,335 of them for the domestic (United States) market. All of those cars had the 289 cubic inch engine in one of two versions: 210 HP with a 2-bbl carburetor, or 225 HP with a 4-bbl carburetor. All of them had dual exhaust regardless of carburetor.

              You are correct, the upper-case "I" is used for the numeral '1" in Studebakering.
              That number tells us only three things:
              1. It is a 1962 model year car.
              2. It is a V8 car
              3. It was the 19,630th 1962 Studebaker V8 automobile made; all V8 cars, not just Hawks.

              As for the engine serial number. It is on the front of the engine BLOCK facing UP on the left (driver side) of the block. It is a stamped number, nut raised. It looks like this:

              That number is a little difficult to read because of how it was stamped. But it is V440474.

              If the Hawk you are looking at has its original engine in it, that stamped number will be between P79801 and P93600.

              The "V" in the sample picture means the engine is a 259. The "P" in the number on your car, assuming it has the original engine, denotes a 289 cubic inch engine.

              Genuine wire wheels like this car has were not available from Studebaker, either factory-installed or dealer-installed.

              Those mirrors do not appear to be Studebaker accessory mirrors, from what can be seen. A better photo would confirm or deny that.

              Best wishes with the car. BP
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                Steve The car in your post looks like a standard project car. $3000 it a fair price both for you and the owner. About all its worth. If inside is nice you could get it ,make it run and stop and drive it enough to see what all needs restored and go from there. Wheels are not stock and I would guess mirrors are add ons. As said should be 289. Is this a stick or auto? A lot of parts are available for these and I think one of the nicest cars studebaker every built. But I have a 64 so may be a little bias. Welcome to the forum. Steve W


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                  3 speed on the column.


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                    Is it possibly an export car that was brought back to the US, like by a serviceman? I know of a different Hawk in Connecticut (earlier model) that falls into that category. The export 1962 Hawks could have the 259 cid V8 and would have the chrome side grilles.
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                      Very nice looking. If it is an American car with the Canadian grille surrounds, on that black car, it looks good. Enjoy stressing your carpal tunnel tendons cleaning those wire wheels.


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                        Steve, you could possibly obtain the history of this car by going to the GT Hawk Registry which is maintained by Barry Leppan of Burlington Ontario. Go to the SDC main page, follow "Resources" down to "Other Valuable Links" and you'll find the contact.

                        Stu Chapman


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                          Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
                          Hi, Steve; welcome aboard.

                          Genuine wire wheels like this car has were not available from Studebaker, either factory-installed or dealer-installed.

                          Well...ol' BP gave you a lot of useful information. However, as for those wheels..."I like em!" (Best pronounced with a southern drawl)

                          I just wouldn't want to have to clean and polish them.

                          And...welcome to the forum!
                          John Clary
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                            The Original Seats (Material) Door Panels, Headliner and Dashboard are really big Pluses or Minuses depending on their condition, (or correct, quality replacements) and are quite pricey to duplicate. The Interior appears to be Saddle Tan.

                            So a good, careful look, by your untrained eyes, or a Pic for us to figure out the quality and originality of these important items would be good to add or delete value.

                            The body does look good, the area that often Rusts through, is the Rear edge of the Front Fenders not visible in the Pics.

                            If you look under the Left side of the dash you very well MAY find a Chrome "T" Handle marked O.D. for Overdrive, which would be a really GOOD thing!
                            If it does, the Transmission actually has 6 forward speeds, though usually only 4 or 5 are used.
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                              Hi Steve, welcome to Studebaker and the Forum. Good looking GT HAWK. You might want to join The Studebaker Driver's Club. You can access a membership application by clicking on the Studebaker Driver's Club Home Page bar at the top of this page. As a side note, GT stands for Gran Turismo, no "D" in Gran and only one "O" in Turismo.
                              Sorry guys, I couldn't help myself.
                              Good Luck with your new toy Steve.
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