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    6E7-15496 - 122 WB - T6 cab - 3sp/OD

    Accessories: Climatizer, oil filter, overdrive

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      I have a V8 1961"T" cab truck for sale for someone that wants a V8 for a 6 cylinder.
      It has a T85 no overdrive and the rest of the truck is toast.
      No windshield , no dash , no box and has aftermarket floor shift.
      Good brake drums etc.
      Many good parts.
      $700.00 and you pick up.

      Robert Kapteyn
      Put "Studebaker" in the subject box otherwise it goes straight to trash.
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        6E5-129928 - 112 WB - T6 cab - climatizer

        For sale on Ebay - November 2014

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          From Rob Reese in Easton, PA:

          1961 Champ 6E10-39163 . The Cowl tag is 6E-T 6

          It was a long wb 122, SIX cyl., stick-no OD. Light Green.

          The truck body went on an S 10 chassis to be rodded. All that was scrapped was the frame and front axle. All brakes and other inc. steering box were saved. No title.
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            6E7-15703 - 122WB - T6 cab

            Originally V8 - looks to have had power brakes, climitizer, possible radio - add on AC and dash could be out of regal Lark.

            On Ebay - March 2015

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              Sold at auction in Canada - June of 2013. Reported to be in pretty bad condition with not a straight panel from one end to the other.

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                Recent buy.
                !961 1/2 t "T" cab. AZ/Cali truck
                Long bed
                Automatic trans
                Very solid, but even in sunny AZ "T" cabs rust
                Serial number: E7 15681
                Bought new, or next to new here in Tucson. Used as a plumbers truck.
                Engine changed to a car full flow.
                3.73 TT rear
                runs, needs brake work and cleaning. Great start to a restore


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                  6E7-14909 - 122 WB - T6 cab - P1 box

                  newer radio, oil filter, climitizer, and fender-mounted spare.

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                    6E5-131323 - 122 WB - T6 cab - P2 box - for sale on CL - January 2016

                    3sp with OD, push button radio, climitizer, lighter

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                      6E5-130621 - 112 WB - T6 cab - for sale on ebay, February 2016

                      climitizer - radio - oil filter - rear bumper - windshield washers

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                        Bought about a month ago for parts. E5 131782, T-6 short bed, Parchment white, originally 6 cylinder/3 speed overdrive but when I got it the engine & trans were gone along with all the front end sheet metal & windshield. I intend to have the bed sandblasted & paint it black for my 61 4 speed Champ. Not sure if I'll fix this cab up & use it as a temp for my 62 or not. time will tell. It has a neat black with gold lettering "Studebaker Owners Club" decal on one of the sliding glass windows. I've never seen or heard of them before.
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                          6E12-5068 - 122 WB - T6 cab - for sale on ebay, March 2016

                          automatic transmission, radio, climitizer, lighter

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                            I just did a count and we have 27 trucks listed now. I hope there are more '61s out there than that!
                            Ed Sallia
                            Dundee, OR

                            Sol Lucet Omnibus


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                              Originally posted by Commander Eddie View Post
                              I just did a count and we have 27 trucks listed now. I hope there are more '61s out there than that!
                              There would be another 75 to 100 T-cab trucks on the registries if the majority of people with Craigslist ads has VIN numbers.

                              When I started a few years ago I thought I would just get in touch with people and ask...might have been the second or third person who had a model that Studebaker produced less than 200 domestically. Guy got back in touch with me and stated unless I showed up with a fist full of cash he was not going to tell me the number because I might try to use it to steal it from him...after that I determined that kind of hassle was not worth the effort.

                              Will try my best to list all the ones I find. Anyone else is free to post a vehicle, even if they don't own it. Hoped this would develop into a kind of crowd source type thing.


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                                6E7-14289 - T6 cab - 122 wb - for sale on CL, Oklahoma, July 2016

                                *update* - truck was for sale once again on Ebay, August 2018.

                                climitizer, radio, four speed, earlier V8, fender mount spare.

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