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    I have a tan 1961 Champ with serial number E7-15096
    6E7-112 (1/2 ton short step side)
    259 V8
    3-Speed w/OD
    Chrome grill and bumpers
    Sliding rear window
    16" wheels
    Click image for larger version

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      Pat, posession of the vehicle was taken im id-year. The first Virginia tital was issued in June of 1961.
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        Harold, nice to see the Champ being worked like that - what rear end do you have, 3:73 ?,3:31 ?
        Originally posted by 64hawk View Post


        6E -T4 289 V8 w/T98 4spd
        1/2 ton step side
        Joseph R. Zeiger


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          Originally posted by Avantidon View Post
          Pat, posession of the vehicle was taken im id-year. The first Virginia tital was issued in June of 1961.
          Wow - that is really early. Wonder if it was a pre-production 7E5? Have you ever gotten a production order to see when it was assembled and if it had any special instructions on it? My 7E7 is the 240th V8 that came out of the Chippewa Ave. doors and it was finished on September 28, 1961.


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            4.09 behind a T-98 Joseph. The truck was headed to the scrap yard on a wrecker when the fellow I got it from ran out and stopped the wrecker driver and paid him a little extra to take the truck to his farm. The original engine had a broken crank shaft and was replaced with a 64 Cruiser engine. This truck was originally a service truck for a small trucking company. More than you asked but just wanted to share.
            1964 GT Hawk R1 (full package)


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              Pat, I have not but will as it has always intrigued me since it has the Trim package that included the Chrome Grille and Sliding rear window and of course the Spaceside Box that only went into production in South Bend after 01/23/161.
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                I have two. The "66 Phantom" is titled as a 61 because the builder used most of the 61 as a base. That is VIN E5131917. It is a short wheel base step side.

                The other is also a short wheel base step side with a cloverleaf V8 and three speed. VIN 5131071. Almost identical in appearance to Harold's.
                Wayne Elks

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                65 Cruiser
                64 Champ
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                  Number E5131053


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                    Okay. I know there have to me more of these trucks out there.
                    Ed Sallia
                    Dundee, OR

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                      6E7 - 15979 - 112 WB - T4 cab - P1 box

                      Accessories - side spare tire mount, oil filter, climatizer, passenger side mirror, and automatic transmission.

                      Trucks looks to have originally been Omaha Orange - maybe a fleet order? As a side note, Studebaker never offered chrome front or rear bumpers for Champ trucks - that is something someone did on their own.

                      Additional photos from Ebay sale of same vehicle - September 2016

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                        All the specs make it highly suspect to be a California Highway department truck. Omaha orange, automatic with some dress up stuff. I've had three so far. Usually '61's and '62's. There was a discussion about them awhile back. KM


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                          6E7-15576 - T6 cab - automatic transmission

                          Discussed on Studebaker Truck Talk, Aug, 2007

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                            From Studebaker Truck Talk:

                            '61 Champ 1/2 ton - 6E5 #E5131831 - 112 WB

                            Mostly restored about 25 years ago in non-original configuration to a pretty high level of quality by the previous owner in the Seattle area
                            Up until I purchased it in March of this year, it had mostly sat covered inside the previous owner's garage and used little if any besides maybe an occasional start up. I purchased it in 3/2014 from the previous owner who restored. It is now in Berkeley, CA getting the mothball issues ironed out and restoration work finished

                            I am not sure of the original configuration specifics, but now has:
                            T-6 trim (from a Lark), in Studebaker Glade Green (originally a light blue?)
                            fully rebuilt 259 V-8 and 3spd OD (car version long tail shaft)
                            both floor pans were replaced from a Lark donor car, as well as the front fenders I believe
                            very nice custom non-original black vinyl interior with a padded dash, still needs the floor carpets
                            has the shinier Lark instrument pods
                            heater, factory bumpers, AM radio, fixed rear window but originally had the slider I think

                            Since purchasing it, the following work has been done so far:
                            1. full fluids changing and basic tune up
                            2. rebuilt the wet parts of the brake system, including the Hydrovac unit
                            3. registered with CA YOM plates
                            4. put new bias tires on all 4 wheels, 15"
                            5. 4 new NOS chrome hubcaps
                            6. put on factory type door mirrors
                            7. installed new 3-point seat belts
                            8. rebuilt carb.
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                              6E7-15135 - 112 WB - T6 cab

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                                6E7-15647 - 112 WB

                                Yard truck from Vern on Studebaker Truck Talk:
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