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  • 6E5 - 132240 - 112 WB - T4 cab - for sale on Ebay, October 2020

    four speed, climitizer, oil filter - lots of aftermarket things.

    Info from ad: Studebaker.This is a 1961 Champ truck from NC I got it from a guy who had it for 11 years He had the moter rebuilt about 4 years ago. Put 3000 miles on it and the starter went out.So he parked it the last 5 years. I had the starter rebuilt and carberater rebuilt to. I rebuilt the braks with new rear weel cyl on the back the frounts were new a few yerar befor I got the truck and new rubber lines It startes right up and runs good There is a 3 speed over drive Transmission in it The over drive is hooked to a switch I had to put 4 tires on it and I repainted all the white trim Paint has some deflects It;s a good driver and would not take mucth body work to have it ready for a good paint job I am helping Robert to sell his car and truck .


    • My '61 Champ is rather unique. It's serial number is E5-131451. It was originally sent to, or through, the Campbell dealership in Raleigh, NC. (I had never heard of this dealership) The truck was ordered for the "FLEET STATE OF NC" . The "6152 SHERWOOD GREEN" color fits that the truck was originally used by the North Carolina Forest Service. The green color was discovered when we put new rubber around the back window. The previous owner worked in the NC Forest Service and got it when the state decided to get rid of it. When I bought the truck many years ago the previous owner had painted it what we call in North Carolina, Carolina Blue. He had also put an genuine R1 engine in the truck. It has a three speed transmission with overdrive. The previous owner built it and used it to pull a trailer to events with Studebaker parts for sale. Maybe the most rare part of this truck is its long bed. It was built in March 23, 1961. One great thing down by the previous owner was to put a Lark split front seat. It allows each access to things behind the seat.
      Joe Roberts
      '61 R1 Champ
      '65 Cruiser
      Eastern North Carolina Chapter