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Studebaker Mini Starter... Could it be?

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  • Studebaker Mini Starter... Could it be?

    So as any car nut, I like to check out feebay for Studebaker stuff. My starter recently went out, so I surfed for a new one. I am gonna get mine rebuilt locally, however, I came across someone in Illinois selling "mini" Studebaker starter motors. Could it be? I hold my factory Autolite starter motor, which sometimes takes two hands, depending how I hold it. It's ridiculously heavy. I of course heard of Chevy engines having small "mini" starter motors to save weight, which if you're not racing every weekend, what is the point? Anyhow, has anyone heard of this or this some kind of gimmick? Check it out, link below:

    They specify it's for "stick shift" only, however they don't specify if its for "3-on-the-tree" or "4-speed on the floor" cars? Maybe that doesn't matter? My car was originally a "3-on-the-tree" 6-cyl car that I converted to a "4-speed on the floor" V8 car, so I really don't know if the bell housings were different from a 6cyl car compared to a V8 car. I didn't have my 6cyl engine and trans sit around long enough to compare to my 259ci V8/T-10 trans 4-spd.

    Just thought I'd throw it out here and see if anyone has seen this? Sounds like a great idea, just as long as it hold ups for 50 years, just like my original starter has. I can't complain for it failing, Hell starter motors today in these new cars sometimes go out 2 months after the factory warranty runs out. "They just don't make stuff like they used to."

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    If its the same guy that "built" my motor don't count on the guy making them to stand behind his work.
    ed ellis


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      Originally posted by ed ellis View Post
      If its the same guy that "built" my motor don't count on the guy making them to stand behind his work.
      Oh no, sorry to hear you had issues on your build. Did you buy a "mini" starter motor or have your factory starter rebuilt? You say "built", but does that mean you had someone build a "mini" starter motor for you?


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        Ken Evans is a great machinist.
        He builds the adapter plate the starter bolts to.
        He doesn't build the starter itself.

        Ken also builds steel. 2 bolt and 4 bolt main caps, and has even built a CNC tunnel ram to fit a Stude V8.
        His dad has a sweet '38 Stude coupe street rod, and his mom is a good bowler.

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          If indeed it fits a Studebaker, that is a durn fair price for a mini-starter for a low demand application.
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            I noticed this on ebay. It didn't give a application. I suppose it would work on 56 up??. Or, maybe he builds one for the other flywheels 55 down???? Anybody used one? Anybody sure on application???


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              I've got one on my car. Works like a charm--and it was a 3-spd converted to a T5, so I'm sure it would work on your 4-spd conversion as well.

              (I've got a 64 289 in mine, so don't know about the earlier flywheels.)
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