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The Georges - Three Generations - 63 Avanti & 53 Commander

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  • The Georges - Three Generations - 63 Avanti & 53 Commander

    Ed George wanted me to share these pictures from Saturday Aug 16th. He was able to acquire his father Raymond's Gold '63 R2 powershift Avanti. It hasn't been on the road since 1978 but is in very nice shape. He grew up with the car and has very fond memories of it with his family so I know he's exicted about getting it. His son Eddie will be helping with the work in getting it going again. His dad also still owns his '53 from his high school days. It has a 283 Corvette engine with tri power and a 4 speed Cadillac auto trans. Hopefully that will be fixed next. They were in a barn so are they a barn find? I was glad to be there. John V.

    More pics here.....

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    'Way cool, John. Thanks for the peek. The Georges are good people X3. BP
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      Hasn't been on the road since 1978? It looks ready for a car show!
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        Now this story sounds perfect for TW!!! "We invented COOL!"
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          Those cars are just part of the "George Studebaker Stable". Great pics!


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            John thanks for posting the pictures . My wife Cyndi made a deal with my parents to acquire the Gold car for my 50th birthday .The car has been in our family since 1972 so the car is very special to me. The car will need mechanical restoration and detail but leaving the original paint and interior alone so it will not be perfect but a very nice survivor . The 1953 is my dads first car and has been thru Chicago winters and daily driver duties until it was also parked around 1978 according to my Mom. Kind of neat the gold car vin is 3071 and the white one is 3371 . I plan on trying to bring both Avantis to the Midwest Muscle Car Show in November .More updates to follow since I have a new computer . Thanks to all for the kind words ! Ed


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              Ed, that would be great if you could bring both cars to the show! Would love to see them there, and would be honored to have my R2 Lark next to them. Let me know what help you need, and maybe I can get down there to help.
              Eric DeRosa

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                congratulations Ed. i know you and Cyndi have been working on this for a while. great to see it staying in the family.
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                  Nice avantis. I really like that 53! It looks cool with the patina.