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Are Avanti Parts Available from Local Parts Stores?

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  • Are Avanti Parts Available from Local Parts Stores?

    I need a set of distributor (dual) points and flexible brake hoses for my 63 Avanti. Has anyone had good luck trying to get Avanti parts at a local parts store like Advance Auto Parts or O'Reilly's Auto Parts?

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    Perhaps if you don't ask for Studebaker parts it would help. Ask for big block Chrysler points. Make sure the hoses are for disc brake cars. In my experience they don't have the correct parts even if they list it in their computers. Napa is a better more accurate source, and Car Quest is better. Bob Johnstones web page has good interchange listings. I would in all honesty use Jim Turners hoses as he makes them up fresh, and you will know for sure they are correct.
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      426 Hemi engines from the '60s used the same dual points, rotors and distributor caps.
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        Chrysler Distributor Caps for their Prestolite Distributors do not interchange to Studebaker because of the height of the Retaining Clip "Humps". The Points Condenser and Rotor probably do.

        AMC V8's distributor parts are a direct fit except single Points instead of Dual.

        You really have to know what you are looking for at these modern computerized Parts Stores, many times their data has been incorrectly transferred from the "Good" Books to their data base.

        Studebaker Vendors have the RIGHT Parts.
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