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Help removing Square peg over round hole.

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  • Help removing Square peg over round hole.

    Putting heads from full flow block on partial flow block. Now I must remove the pipe plug from the oil port to the filter.

    I built a dam around it of Permatex Red and let it soak in Liquid Wrench for a week. Applied heat but cautious about too much localized heat for fear of irreparable damage. Got a square 1/4" pipe plug socket in hopes of applying torque evenly to the plug faces.... plug socket measures .252 and plug face measures .283 so no go. 7mm spanner fits perfect but only two faces and you don't get a lot of leverage from a 3" wrench. I don't want to drill it out and risk filings into the oil passage.

    I'm listening for the brilliance of this board to tell me how to remove it.

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    Go to a good hardware store where they have a good selection of FOUR or EIGHT-point sockets. Get a 1/4" pipe plug from their stock and use it to find a four or eight point socket where it fits tight. Best would be if it fit so tight that you thought you'd have to hammer it a little onto the pipe plug in the head when you get home, for the snuggest fit possible.

    Put their 1/4" pipe plug back in stock and buy the appropriate 4 or 8-point socket you thus selected.

    Go home and gently pound the socket onto the pipe plug so it fits just as tight as possible.

    Once installed and the appropriate breaker bar is placed on top of the socket, don't apply an increasingly-steady force to the plug or you might shear it off. Rather, "bump" the breaker bar handle with the palm of your hand, applying an intermittent hard force like an impact wrench does to loosen bolts.

    That's the best advice I can tender. See what others offer, too. BP
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      Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
      Go to a good hardware store ......
      Thanks.. you nail it. Large Ace had a 4 way stem tool for faucets in plumbing 9/32" square female directly across from a 1/4" square female.

      Fit tight and tapped it on. Used a 1/4" to 3/8" adapter to a 3/8" ratchet and it came out with light pressure.


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        Ain't this a GREAT source of information???? And the price is right!