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Who owns the red 64 R2 Avanti on eBay?

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  • Who owns the red 64 R2 Avanti on eBay?

    Looks like a super nice car and the $60k price doesn't seem too crazy if it is as nice as represented. I assume it is a 12000 mile car to start with and then was restored. If so, I wonder why someone would restore a car with that low mileage?
    eBay number is 231307184704

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    Very handsome car.
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      Wow talk about "Sold Rush", they built it BEFORE the Production Order was written, I have never seen a P.O. like that!

      Of course it was the Chicago Auto Show '64 Avanti Introductory Show Car, not a customer car.
      I guess it would have to be wrecked to need a full Resto on a 12,000 mile car.
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        More on that car here: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ighlight=r4970



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          Interesting, as the Chicago auto show traditionally is in February or March. Would Studebaker even have an Avanti at the Chicago show, as by that time, all South Bend production would have ended? Maybe the car in question was built for all national shows.
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            Would hardly need to have been a wreck for a full restoration, not matter the miles. Whom ever did so would hardly be the first to restore a weathered/deteriored old car that sat for decades. I've one with similar miles that was body-off-d because the owner wanted to and COULD!