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    I am not running it until next spring. And yes I expect it to be a little aggressive. Setting the valves at .006" and .008" is the tightest I have ever seen on a Stude V8. Yes, Jim at Racer Brown actually used my original camshaft which I removed in 1972 to install the R4 clone unit. In fact I sent it to him in his original Racer Brown box and he was impressed with the fine condition it was in (both the camshaft and the box). Talk about dejavu. I have a Jeff R Chryco intake made to accept a Quadrajet or Thermoquad which I am looking forward to utilizing.


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      Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
      So that was a Regrind, Bill? Must have been pretty "Lumpy".
      FWIW, that camshaft should idle just fine. It's basically the same duration as a stock Studebaker cam. That design opens the valves much quicker and higher, but for no longer duration. That's the 'aggressive' to which Bill was referring. A performance cam sometimes have ramps which give the lifters quick whack; that is sometimes more noisy than the slow, gentle ramps Studebaker used. Most have noticed the "R2+" regrinds are noisier than the stock Studebaker R1/R2.

      jack vines


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        That shouldn't be a rough idle at all. At 222 at .50 most computor cars can take a 224 at .50 with out getting to goofy on you.