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Ebay '60 Lark VI hardtop with 3spd in New York. Looks pretty

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  • Ebay '60 Lark VI hardtop with 3spd in New York. Looks pretty

    As I write, bid is at $4,350 with two days left and reserve not met. Even for a clean hard top, that six should mean not too much before reaching reserve I would think...

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    Would be interested to know why there is '60 rear quarter panel trim on one side, and '59 rear quarter panel trim on the other...


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      Good eye! But educate me. It's tough for me to tell, but is it the trim just behind the door (sharper angle on one side vs. the other)?


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        Yes the Right side rear quarter Moulding APPEARS to be a '59 which of course has a sharper point at the transition of the "Fin" shape to the forward straight portion because it is a TWO piece Moulding!

        I guess if one could not find a curved one piece '60 Moulding, since you can only see one at a time it could sorta work!

        That IS a Really beautiful '60 Lark VI even WITH the '59 Tail Light Lenses, just too bad it is not a Lark VIII.
        Can we just switch the Black Paint and Red Interior to the Oasis Green V8 Overdrive one, also for sale now?

        This one:

        Click image for larger version

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          Can see the '59 molding better in this pic.

          There is also an additional hardtop in the background...