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Shipping weights '64 -vs- '65

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  • Shipping weights '64 -vs- '65

    Tonight, while looking for something else, I got distracted and came across copies of the 1964 & 1965 Studebaker Registration and Licensing Service letters. I guess what surprised me was that Studebaker only quoted the '65's being 50 pounds lighter with the Chevy V8.

    weights are for standard equipment V8s:

    2-door Commander
    '64- 2,945
    '65- 2,895

    '64- 3,120
    '65- 3,070

    remember, these weights are for V8 cars with no additional optional equipment. Now, I know the '65s included a few additional pieces of standard equipment, but I would have thought the Chevybakers would have been closer to a 100 pounds lighter, with the small block Chevy V8. Also, I picked the Cruiser and Commander 2-door, as I figured they would be the most comparable.

    for the record, this info came from service letters G-1964-3 and G-1965-1, dated 9/27/63 and 10/1/64, respectively.
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    Eric, I have always found Shipping Weights to be nebulous at best. I've often wondered how much they actually weighed real cars from year to year. Some weights and some differences defy common sense.

    I can think of one specific difference to help answer your question and verify my above observation:

    A base 1964 Commander V8 2-door would have had a 259 with Model 27 rear axle. A base 1965 Commander V8 2-door would have had a Model 44 rear axle. We know there is a big difference in the weight of those units.

    So that would help answer your question.

    BUT it could also be said that both 1964 Cruiser V8s and 1965 Cruiser V8s had a Model 44 axle! Therefore, we would expect that the shipping weight difference from one year to the next would be less on Cruisers (same axle assembly) than on Commanders (different axle assembly).

    Now, since "the factory" said there was exactly 50 pounds difference regardless of model, it validates my observation that I think they kind of approximated a lot of Shipping Weights and we shouldn't take them too seriously. BP
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      So if you run a set of aluminum heads and intake for the Chevy it should be around 2850lbs, and run quite well. All weight would be off the front of the car too.
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