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Fan belt placement on 78 Avanti II

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  • Fan belt placement on 78 Avanti II

    I can 't believe I was so stupid as to take all three belts off and not write down or take photo first. This may sound really dumb but I can't remember how they go back does anyone have a picture that shows the belt placement on the 350 vette engine? It has the power steering pump, alternator, fan and air cond. there are three belts. I got from the parts store for a 350 vette engine and they are not the same size as what came off. I will take the old ones down and match them up.
    1978 Avanti II

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    Would photos from a 79 be helpful?
    Lou Van Anne
    62 Champ
    64 R2 GT Hawk
    79 Avanti II


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      I believe the 79 pictures would work fine if the engine is the same. Is it the 350 corvette engine? I can't believe I did something so stupid. The thing that confuses me is that the power steering has two places for belts on the pulley. There are three on the crank shaft, one on the fan, one on the alternator and one on the air conditioner compressor.
      1978 Avanti II


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        Here are pictures from my '78 Avanti.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF7084.jpg
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Name:	DSCF7088.jpg
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Name:	DSCF7092.jpg
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        The front belt is alternator/water pump, DAYCO 15445
        The middle belt is power steering, DAYCO 15360
        The rear belt is A/C and power steering, DAYCO 15535

        Hope that this helps
        Jim Bradley
        Lake Monticello, VA
        '78 Avanti II


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          Thanks so much for the pictures, they were a big help. I must have been really tired the night before because the next morning everything looked so simple. What really through me off was that the pulley on the power steering has places for two belts, however one appears to simply be a guide for the belt from the crank to the air cond. I just thought the pulleys ran at different speeds due to the different sizes but I was apparently wrong. I certainly hope there is no stupid question on the forum because I feel I've been there and nobody made fun of me.
          thanks forum guys!

          1978 Avanti II