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    Hey guys. Couldn't find any information on here but, has anybody used Redline Gauge Works for speedo repair or restoration? I need to get my speedo/clock/and gauges restored and switched over to 12volt. But I'm kind of nervous sending my gauges and clock to the left coast (I live on the right). My speedometer face and odo are peeling and flaking so I need to get it redone. But if somebody knows of a good gauge restoration place that they have used and received everything back and in a timely manner would be great. It will probably be one of the last things to get done but a good company would be handy! (I was burned about 10 years ago from a company out west for my speedo out of my Camaro, cheap fix, but not for a 1952 Studebaker!) Thanks!!!

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    Most of us use readily available NOS Studebaker original gauges for replacement rather than spend tons of money to have them rebuilt. Of course that requires a Volt-a-Drop from 12 Volts.
    In the case of the Speedometer however it might take a while going to SDC International Meet Swapmeets, searching eBay, the Studebaker Swap Website etc. so getting it done may be a good option.

    There are Clock specialists that only do repair or Quartz replacements on these Mechanical, Electric wound Borg Clocks, some of the parts are common to many other makes of Car. No need for a Instrument "expert" for that.
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      I used Bobs Speedometer in Howell,Michigan for my 56J speedometer and clock conversion. Good work, not cheap!


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        call and ask Dave T-Bow for a fellow in Mass. Did my 64 ragtop gauges excellent !


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          Thanks guys. Yeah I've been searching, and the viable option for now is going to be to leave it alone for a while and get some 6-12 volt drops for now. I haven't been able to make any swap meets but hopefully soon. But thanks for the info. I will keep looking. And I didn't know about the clock specialists. I will look into that. Thanks guys....
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