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  • Fantomworks Faux Pas

    The recent season premiere of Fantomworks featured an '83 Avanti II which repeatedly was called a Studebaker. Guess the owner also was clueless.
    Tim-'53 Starlight Commander Custom and '63 Avanti in Yuma, AZ

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    Has anyone on any one of those shows ever been clueless before?
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      Originally posted by RadioRoy View Post
      Has anyone on any one of those shows ever been clueless before?
      Yup Roy! But that's the point you are making. Almost impossible to get everything correct when you are not an expert. This show has made my watch list as it now has professionals doing what pros do, nice work, and no angst about timing nor shop employees faux screwups. I'd rather they do one car per show in more depth but if it continues in it's current form, I'll be cappy hamper. Good comment, Bob