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Studebakers in Wreaking Yard.

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  • Studebakers in Wreaking Yard.

    Over in San Bernardino there are 4 1960 4 door Larks, 1 1963 2 door Lark, and 1 1964 4 door Lark. All have most of the interiors trashed but some mechanical parts are there. 1 1960 V8 has the engine and auto trans still there. I went looking for the tow hitch but didn't like the way it was attached but someone else might like it. I was also looking for a rear bumper but a couple were okay but not one was good enough for me to drag home. I was able to score a V8 manual bellhousing, some V8 engine mounts, an older style cast iron oil filler, a V8 filler block, a interior light rheostat, a fan spacer, and a crank crank bolt. All for $50. Not great but not bad either. I didn't want to walk away empty handed.


    U & I Auto Parts, 1435 W. Rialto Ave., San Bernardino

    Ask for Rich as he knows where they all are.


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    The '64 is a Cruiser the Cruiser only, decklid overlay is gone but fasteners and "C" pillar Ornament remain.
    A major Studebaker stash for a modern Pick yer part type place.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      A bit of surface rot! (drool)


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        Sadly, here in California, this is what a parts car looks like. These should have been builders. I'll bet there are hundreds of guys in the Midwest who are a little miffed at the sight of these cars ending up in an auto wrecker, while they're fighting with yards of rust and rot.


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          I did not see any holes in the floors or trunk in any of them. The worst thing I saw was someone wanted the 63 windshield and so cut the A pillars to not break the glass and so a nice 63 2 door is trash. It started it's life as a 6 but had been converted to a V8 along the way, it still had the dual exhausts. There is a clock in the dash but the paint on the face has come off but it could be worth getting it for the mechanism.