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Need bottom half of tailgate for '58 wagon.

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    Thanks, studeclunker and StudeDave57...How much would you want...I live in south central Illinois...I've been told they can be shipped Greyhound bus...Would you be willing to do that...I'm thinking the one form the '57 Provincial would be the closest match.


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      Do let me check into shipping with Greyhound. We don't actually have a station anymore in Redding. All there remains is a ticket window. I will ask the counterman 'what and how' in this respect.

      As to price, I've no idea. Yeah, that does sound lame, but there you have it. Can't even offer you pictures right now as the camera is down. Had some of this old wagon, as there was a thread on it... Anyway, the tailgate is a bit rusty but without any obvious cancer. I'm kinda puzzled on how to remove it as there's a bar sticking out in the bottom-centre of it that refuses to cooperate. Will have to figure out where it goes and how to remove it. I'm no pro, and am not in 'business' per se. You'll have to exercise a bit of patience with me. Send me a PM, if you like.

      I found the thread! Being that I'm on dialup (which hates pictures and video) I'm unable to verify this still works. That said, here's a link to pictures of my wagon:

      They were taken by the people who liberated it from the field it was quietly returning into the earth in. Sorry, but due to the limitations of dial-up I'm unable to check what's what in the album.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	57Wagon tailgate.jpg
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ID:	1691359 Hah! I actually got it to work! Only took an hour and six tries, but that's dial-up, ya know? There ya are! Just click on the thumbnail and it will enlarge to full size.
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        Thank you so much, studeclunker !...I'll be patient, then.
        I think that would surely fit my '58.
        I so appreciate your help.


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          Before SI acquired SASCO, I bugged Dave Spilski to see if he couldn't drum up a few trim items (mouldings) that were supposedly NLA. He did find what I wanted. Having seen that stuff in the engineering bldg AND when it was across the street - there HAD to be stuff that was just lost in the mess.
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