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Ted Harbit: The burning smell you detected....

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  • Ted Harbit: The burning smell you detected....

    ...was Ted keeping his light under a bushel basket!

    Here is Ted's report of the car's first-ever trip to the strip Wednesday evening, June 25:

    Here are some additional pictures of the car I took in Ted's shop Thursday evening, June 12, before heading up to Martin MI with The Stude Tomato the next day:

    Overall view of engine:

    Left Bank Turbo arrangement:

    The Office:

    Carburetor Source, X2:

    Turbo Intercooler Arrangement. On the left is the ice box with big opening on top. Coolant lines are between ice box and the actual intercooler, to the right.

    The hot air from the turbos goes in through the red-connector hose at the extreme lower right corner. It exits, hopefully cooler, through the blue-connector hose seen at the upper right. This whole arrangement is situated right where the passenger seat would normally be, so Mary Ann can't ride in this one!

    'Way to go, Ted; it's been a long time coming...and it arrived! BP
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    That's a wild looking rig !! Thanks for the pics, and tell Ted his Hawaiian fans are cheering for him !


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      Lots of questions, # 1 being is this the Chicken Hawk engine? How many C.I.? Transmission? Just a nosey by stander.
      101st Airborne Div. 326 Engineers Ft Campbell Ky.


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        Originally posted by clonelark View Post
        Lots of questions, # 1 being is this the Chicken Hawk engine? How many C.I.? Transmission? Just a nosey by stander.
        No, not the Chicken Hawk engine but built almost identical. Differences are this one is on alcohol, has a crude set of headers instead of the manifolds turned upside down, Holley carbs instead of AFB's (first time I've been around Holleys and boy what a difference. Only reason for Holley is the AFB's can't be made to handle alcohol as takes twice as much fuel) and is about 400 pounds lighter than the Chicken Hawk was (3600/3200), Transmission is Power Glide instead of Powershift or turbo 400. Engine is .060" over (299") same as the CH was. Has 3.89 gears instead of 3.70 but larger tires make overall ratio about the same.

        Has liquid to air intercooler instead of just the air intercooler, Crane Hi-8 ignition with Crane 9500 DEC control system and an electronic boost controller. CH had Jacobs ignition and manual boost control. I'm still in a learning curve trying to understand and operate the DEC 9500 and electronic controller.

        The 9500 has more things than I'll ever use but some I will use are: Start timing retard, launch rpm, shift rpm, rpm limit, boost timing retard, etc. With reduced weight, alcohol, other extras, it should run considerable better than the CH but who knows. Things seldom work out the way we think they should.



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          12.17 with TONS of room left to tune. Judging by your comments on the other site, this car will go way faster.
          Let us know please if you ever bring it up to Martin, I would like to see it run there.


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            What a beautiful piece of machinery!

            Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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              Wow. Fly like the wind, guys. Way to wave the flag.
              Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)