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Help with info from studebaker enthusiasts!!!

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  • Help with info from studebaker enthusiasts!!!

    So I have owned a studebaker ride on rocketship for several years and have been unable to find any info or history on the machine. I had given up and just learned to enjoy it until someone made me a cash offer and I can't seem to let go of it without finding out more about it. I was directed to this forum by a gentleman in kalamazoo michigan who said he has seen a pic of my rocket on here.


    Not sure how to post pics of it on here but you can see it on my Facebook page Guy Voss in Athens michigan. Any help identifying this and info about it would be so greatly appreciated.

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    That sounds like the 1950 or 1951 Bulletnose Studebaker Champion and Commander design which would be very easy to make a Kids ride rocket out of maybe even using a real Stude. Bulletnose Chrome Grille piece or a smaller copy.

    Is it a small car for a Circus whirly thing or a small "shaker" Ride machine?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	51 Champ Business Coupe4.jpg
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      It is a shaker ride. Here is a link to an old web page I had it on so you can see it (second item down)


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        Sorry. Using my ipad.not as fluent.


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          Yep from the poor angle, side view it does appear to be a Real 1950 Chrome Bullet in front. No other Studebaker connection is apparent.
          Second Generation Stude Driver,
          Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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            There was no Studebaker connection. The company that made the rides got the bullets from junkyards back in the 60's. On one that I saw, the name "STUDEBAKER" was covered by a brass plate with the manufacturer of the ride on it.
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              I know the only thing studebaker is the nose cone and companies used them because they were so cool. I'm more looking for anyone who may have seen/has pics from a studebaker weekend event years ago in collingwood canada. This is the only lead I have on it.