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    I just had the paint finished and now it's getting our back together. Looking for ideas for the engine compartment?

    Running a Studebaker 289 with fined valve covers and air cleaner... Any other potential ideas that can "Spruce it up" but not cross over to total custom restomod?

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    Looks very good, but it looks like you have already gone the "restomod" route with those Buick Portholes!
    There is not too much you can do to dress up the Engine compartment on a basically stock Stude. V8.

    Maybe remove the Engine Mounted Oil Filter and buy a Remote Filter or make a remote mounted Filter Bracket for the inner fender to "clean up" the Engine without the Oil Filler Pipe.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Too late to go four port on the Roadmaster series! I would just keep it as you have it but replace all the little details with high tech refinements: fuel line, ignition wires, etc. just the way they were but hot and sassy! More pictures are appreciated!
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        I did go a little restomod I've always liked the portholes on the "66" and I needed a way to help the heat escape so I thought... Why not... Although I'm not sure how well they will actually help with the heat.

        I'm definitely toeing the line with the look. Still kept the interior pretty stock but added carpet to the floor and kick panels. Kept the doors the same as well as the dash but I did add an AC vent just above the Transtar emblem.

        Still have to finish the wood bed and bed rails.

        Still have to finish making my own headers and install the exhaust system.

        PB, PS, disc brakes, tilt column, independent front and rear suspension, 700r trans, TBI and AC are all done and working well.


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          Ok; yep, it's definitely a RestoRod.
          Second Generation Stude Driver,
          Proud '54 Starliner Owner