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Got my birthday wish this year

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  • Got my birthday wish this year

    Last year i so wanted to get my 56 Champion done so I could drive it on my birthday May 24. It did not happen for various reasons and had to leave it for the summer. This past winter I got it mostly completed as most of you who have been following my progress would know.
    This year my goal was to take it to the Chatham Car show which was on my birthday today.
    We got our radio back from getting it rebuilt last Saturday and got it installed this week as well I got my authentic A&W car hop tray for the A&W mugs Jessie bought me this week so off we went for a truly enjoyable day. The show and weather was great and made new friends. There were at least 2 larks and a Champ there today as well and a lot of photos were taken of our car.
    This was our first show and a beautiful start to a new season. Nick

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Jessie playing Car Hop
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    Congratulations, Nick; the car looksbeautiful!

    Is that a 1973 Mustang convertible down two spots?

    Anyway, you have to have one of the nicest 1956 Champions on the planet. Enjoy! BP
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      Happy birthday Nick!
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      '57 Packard wagon
      '61 Lark Regal 4 dr wagon
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        Only one more thing needed to make that birthday complete..... and it does not involve cars..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


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          Originally posted by Deaf Mute View Post
          Only one more thing needed to make that birthday complete..... and it does not involve cars..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
          HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Could be a slight delay from waaay back in the Carolina hills. Great looking car. Much to celebrate. My wish for you is that it is the best birthday you have all year!
          John Clary
          Greer, SC

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            Happy Birthday Nick. Yesterday was certainly an excellent weather day for Studebakers. Love your car!

            Stu Chapman


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              Happy Birthday and congrats on getting your beautiful Stude finished.
              Have fun driving it.
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                The Champion is looking Great! It looks like you need some Root Beer or Water with Brown food color in those Mugs unless you have 7 UP in there!
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                  Happy birthday, and congratulations on getting your car ready. She looks really nice. I don't wonder that she was well photographed during the car show.
                  Ed Sallia
                  Dundee, OR

                  Sol Lucet Omnibus


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                    Looks good. Happy Birthday.