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1938 Coupe Express ( candy )

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  • 1938 Coupe Express ( candy )

    I was doing some repairs at a home that had some storm damage this week . And i was crawling around in the storage attic when in the corner i spotted these.

    I kinda looked at them , and looked and looked and said to myself , Are those what i think they are ?
    Well i pulled one out and saw this . And recognized it as a side panel of a coupe express i saw roaming the streets of Minneapolis some 20 years ago ..
    I was told that the then owner was or maybe still is a member of SDC. ( by his son who now owns this car ) .
    Anyone recognize this piece of history or maybe know the owners dad ... . .

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    Pic from the past ............


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      Sent that picture to some long-time hot-rodders to see if they recognize it.