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Selling my 63 Lark

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  • Selling my 63 Lark

    Well as much as I don't want to do this it seems I need to sell my wife's Lark. She doesn't drive it much and a job issue is meaning it is time to part ways. I will be putting it on Craigslist soon but I figured I would drop by here to see if anyone would have any interest or give me some advice on a good sale price.

    Biggest issue really is the seats and the headliner is opening up in the back. I was going to have it all replaced but I figured why take it from original to not original anymore so I decided I would let the next person make that decision. I need to check the odometer but I think it has about 54k miles on it. When I found it it has been parked in a garage for 26 years. They are original miles but when that owner went to DMV he didn't do something write because the title says it isn't. He wrote me a letter explaining it was but DMV wouldn't do anything to change it. It runs and drives great. Gas gauge doesn't work and the heater blower is seized (heat still works just can't use the fan). I am thinking about listing if for 5k because I need it to go sooner than later (let me know what you think). The link below shows all the pictures.

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    Overall, it's in similar condition to my '63 Daytona hardtop, and I think you're in the ballpark at 5K.


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      Thanks for the response Effie. I am writing up the Ad as we speak. Hate to see her go.