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Pacific Southwest Zone Meet Deadlines

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  • Pacific Southwest Zone Meet Deadlines

    We are closing the Judging entries for the Pacific Southwest Zone meet 5/16/14 Friday at 1:00pm (We need to get the paperwork ready for the Judges)

    So if you want to have your Studebaker Judged at the Zone meet get your entry in now!

    We will take display only entries until Sat.

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

    StudeRick & Johna
    Sacramento CA

    1964 GT Hawk, 1963 GT Hawk, 1962 GT Hawk
    1957 Silver Hawk
    1963 Avanti
    1961 Lark Wagon
    1963 Lark Daytona

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    I hope you guys/gals are ready with some flak jackets!!!
    It always happens- someone local (maybe even from your own chapter) will show up just for the day and want to be in the show. But since they were not around for all the planning and what-not that goes into a Zone Meet they have no idea why you have deadlines in place. Then they go away mad, and/or hang around and grumble to everyone they see about what a bad show you put together.

    Personally- I really want to be there for your show- but 'life' is getting in the way of pretty much everything these days.

    One other note-- I recommend that when you do this one again (and you know you will!!!) check with neighboring Zones. I'd bet a BUNCH of folks from the Can-Am Zone would show- if they weren't already doing the Northwest OverDrive that same weekend... ( In case you are wondering- the NW Overdrive is a driving event held just about every year. It's a Can-Am Zone thing done on Victoria Day when held in the States, and on Memorial Day when held in Canada- usually it rotates between the two very other year.)
    StudeDave '57
    US Navy (retired)

    3rd Generation Stude owner/driver
    SDC Member since 1985

    past President
    Whatcom County Chapter SDC
    San Diego Chapter SDC

    past Vice President
    San Diego Chapter SDC
    North Florida Chapter SDC


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      The Zone Coordinator is supposed to set stuff up unfortunately he became Ill and we were without one. Then everyone was upset that it was going to be Mothers day. So they had the opportunity to change weekends because of a cancellation at the Host Hotel. Just thought that I would explain . Thank you Karel Staple Chapter for Taking on another Zone Meet so soon. See ya on Friday. Also I Think the Director should have stepped forward on this. So There you have it as Paul Harvey says The Rest Of The Story.
      Mabel 1949 Champion
      Hawk 1957 Silverhawk
      Gus 1958 Transtar
      The Prez 1955 President State
      Blu 1957 Golden Hawk
      Daisy 1954 Regal Commander Starlight Coupe


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        Thanks Anne for responding to Dave, as the guy who will lead Sunday's tour for the OD, I had already realized the unfortunate Mother's Day conflict but I hope in the future that maybe the NWOD's can be considered when you put together the PSWZ meet. I do think that some who did complain were not informed of what we have been doing up here this year and what we have been doing for over thirty years. I do believe that we should do a little better job of coordinating our events calendar so that our rather short list of major events in the West don't end up on the same weekend.

        This weekend we will be having two days of touring with our headquarters in Rochester Wa. Saturday's event will be under the leadership of the NW Chapter of the Antique Studebaker Club, and will actually be two tours with a break for lunch. These will be shorter touring events then Sunday's tour and maybe better suited for our antiques. Sunday's tour event will be headed by the Seattle Chapt. of the SDC, who by the way is sponsoring the OD this year, will be a much longer drive of about 160 miles out to the ocean by way of the Tokeland loop (my term for the route) and includes a stop at the Carriage Museum in Raymond Wa. When I set up the tour to one of my favorite areas of the country I really didn't know how people would take to such an extended tour, but since we have about 100 registered which will bring out 40-50 cars, I guess they are up for the challenge!-Bill Hallett


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          Thank you Ann and Bill for your explanations. The Karel Staple Chapter chose to have our event in May in an attempt to beat the heat that is typical in the summer months in the Sacramento area. We still may get some of that with forecasts in the 90s on Friday and mid 80s on Saturday (but it's a dry heat lol). We also had to consider the long running La Palma event, also in our Zone, and fortunately were able to move away from Mother's Day. I would love to participate in a future Pacific CanAm event and am considering driving up to Post Falls Idaho for your Zone Meet in mid-August.

          We have a great turnout coming for the Pacific Southwest Zone Meet this week-end with at least 100 registrations and 84 cars so far. I expect we will have a few more locals show up on Saturday. It looks like there will be a lot of Studebakers out and about on the West Coast this week-end. Have fun and be safe!

          Pat Dilling, President, Karel Staple Chapter
          Pat Dilling
          Olivehurst, CA
          Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

          LS1 Engine Swap Journal:


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            We expect a certain amount of whining and complaining and take it in stride. Our chapter has some amazing people who are working their butts off to make this happen. Our overall response from our last zone meet in 2009 was positive and we expect the same this time. The grumpy people will always be there as it is no different with any endeavor you undertake these days. Thanks for your concerns. I have great confidence in the Karel Staple membership. Our chapter rocks.
            Jon Stalnaker
            Karel Staple Chapter SDC