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Hawk gas tank needed

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  • Hawk gas tank needed

    Anybody going to Iola, WI. in July or Menomonie, WI. in Sept, I need a good gas tank for my '61 Hawk. '58 Stude & Packard Hawk and station wagon and '59 -'64 Hawk will fit. P.M. me. Thanks- Jim

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    A tank has to be pretty well gone to no longer be repairable. There are virtually no new ones left.
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      For my 1963 coupe, I ended up purchasing a mid '50's Buick from (model # B1-B). It comes with a new separate filler neck, which you can cut off and braze into a new hole in the correct location, a freeze plug will fit into the old tube on your tank & you braze that as well. Get their pick-up tube (part # PT-13) and a threaded mount for it (not listed but they have them). You will trim that mount at an angle so the tube will point down a bit & rest on the bottom of the tank and braze it to the tank in about the same position as your old one was. Drill a hole through that mount and the pickup will screw right in. You will then have to make three mounting tabs and braze them to the tank as will. The new tank is just a bit smaller and a bit taller than the original, but it works great.
      Your old sender will work from it's new location with about 6" of wire added, and I cut a new hole in my trunk floor as I was afraid the sender might short out against the body.
      Your tank probably sits above the rear mount and below the front mount (on the left) in your Hawk... when done the tank will be below both mounts. It took about an hour planning all the changes (and building a template out of Masonite to get the filler tube at the exact correct angle to clear your frame and trunk floor). Then it took me about 15 minutes to make the new mounts from metal off of a metal donating Lark. Brazing the parts probably took me an hour & then I plugged all the openings and used a valve stem from an old innertube on the suction line to pressurize the tank (DON'T BLOW UP YOUR TANK) and checked for leaks using soapy water. I then cleaned things up, sprayed it silver, let it dry and fought it for a couple hours hanging it into the car.
      Get a helper, as four hands woud be a GREAT help. I also ended up using longer mounting bolts to make things easier.


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        SN-60 has a surplus NOS Hawk fuel tank, but I'm not sure if it's for sale or how much he would want for it.


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          Deaf Mute, the 50's Buick tank looks like the closest match yet, and you have shown it is a fairly easy swap. Its dimensions are listed as: 31.5" wide, 27.5" long, and 7" deep. I just measured a spare Stude tank and it is 31.5"W x 29.5 L x 6" deep, at the deepest point. Its 17 gallon capacity is only one gallon less a Stude, and relocating the filler neck is the only PITA in using it.

          I had considered a 55-57 Chevy tank from the same company, pre-modified for EFI. It is 24.5" W x 25" L, and 8" deep. It has the filler neck in the right location for Stude, but holds two gallons less gas than a Stude.

          We obviously do have options, even if we cannot persuade a tank manufacturer to make one specifically for Stude.


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            I was told that set up charges are in the neighborhood of $30,000. That is just the stamping eqpt. ... not the manufacture of them. Here is a photo of my modification: