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  • South Bend Swap Meet

    Went this morning . . . great swap meet, with lots of good parts. Will return there for the show tomorrow. Nice to live only 15 miles away.

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    Did not attend Saturday. Some Friday pics above.
    Richard Quinn
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      Based on what I have been seeing on Facebook over the last few days- lots of cars showed up.

      Looks like there were lots of parts to be had too...

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        The South Bend Swap meet is always a good time.

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          There was a very nice rust free 57 Golden Hawk in the Car Corral for sale at $22500. The owner drove it up from Kentucky. Super charger worked but he had the belt off for economy reasons. He had pictures of the car stripped to bare metal. It was hard to walk away from as it was by far the best deal there in my opinion. He had an interested party on Saturday but I don't know if the deal went through. I would think one would be able to get information from the meet sponsors in order to get the owner's information. That car didn't appear to need anything other than a door adjustment on the PS.
          Maybe someone here has some pictures.


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            I had mentioned that car here a couple of weeks ago, it's my bro-in-law's. I have been advising him he doesn't realize what he has. He says he is getting too old to enjoy it (only four years older than I), and I told him someone 10 years older than he will probably end up buying it.

            Its a turn key car. He drove it to SB and back home, around 500 miles round trip. It got 14 MPG coming up, with the supercharger unhooked, and on the way home got closer to 15, with the SC hooked up.

            It was sold new in Ontario California and garaged in Kentucky since the late 1960s. I never say rust free, but it is as rust free as they come. The interior still shows very well, with exception of the package tray between seat & rear windshield. It was painted around 10 years ago. The tranny was rebuilt by AAMCO in the 1990s, and he rebuilt the engine about four years and 4000 miles ago.

            I agree, its a heck of a deal, wish I had room for just one more. A guy there pledged to put the "check in the mail" Monday. My bro-in-law plans to ebay the car in a couple of weeks if the check does not come. I believe it will bring more on ebay anyway.
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              Lots of cars on Saturday. Friday was cool and wet, but I found the parts I needed and met Studebaker friends from all over. Jim Turner, Phil Harris, Bob Palma, Ted and Mary Harbit, Bob Barrick and so many more made it worth the trip just to visit and admire the cars and parts. Thanks to the Michiana Chapter for the 33rd annual event.
              Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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                Does anyone have any pics of Ted's stuff? I needed the R2 oil pan but couldn't reach him prior to the meet.


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                  On behalf of the Michiana Chapter, thank you all for coming. The vendors were great, the cars were many, and we hope you had a nice time. We appreciate that everyone took time to come to South Bend this weekend. Good friends getting together that have a common passion, a love of Studebaker. Thanks again.


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                    The Michiana Chapter folks I met were super, and know how to have a good time. Work hard & play hard, we used to say in the USMC, oftentimes till the wee hours of the morning. But I am a lightweight nowdays


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                      Originally posted by 58PackardWagon View Post
                      Does anyone have any pics of Ted's stuff? I needed the R2 oil pan but couldn't reach him prior to the meet.
                      Joe, unless Ted had two of them for sale, he didn't bring the R2 oil pan to South Bend. It was spoken for through his forum listing of parts he was taking to South Bend unless someone "bought" them ahead of time.

                      Someone did commit to the oil pan from Ted's forum post. (Not me, but Jim Turner and I are transporting it to Dover for the buyer!) So unless he had two of them, there would not have been one in South Bend at Ted's booth. BP
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                        I've been kind of under the weather for the past three weeks. If I had been feeling my "old self"...I would have been there just for the fellowship. What was the story about that '37 in the photos? Anybody got detailed info and pics of the cars for sale?
                        John Clary
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                          Was that black 1964 Daytona Convertible for sale ? Price?
                          Randy Wilkin
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                            Originally posted by rodnutrandy View Post
                            Was that black 1964 Daytona Convertible for sale ? Price?
                            I took these pics because I figured someone would ask. Hope the owner doesn't mind. It needed a lot of work but it could have been worse.
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                              Looks like fun. Wish I could have made it. I could use some pristine grills for my 39 CE, and a window regulator and track.

                              (That 37 looks pretty solid!)
                              Diesel loving, autocrossing, Coupe express loving, Grandpa Architect.