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Proper Tiara Gold paint color

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  • Proper Tiara Gold paint color

    I have been looking for the proper PPG paint code for Tiara gold and Arctic white for my 57 Golden Hawk for my body shop guy.
    Are these correct?

    Arctic White Ditzler PPG 8148
    Tiara gold Ditzler PPG 80924
    Tiara gold Dupont 2560, 202-90975

    Does anyone have any reccomendations for which paint to use? My body shop guy said he wanted a paint with bigger flakes.

    Thanks for any advice, Mark.

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    Is there a reason the painter does not want to go with the size of flakes that were used in 1957?

    Do you want you car to look like it is painted the correct color? If you are in a car show with another 57 GH, do you want your car to be correct?

    Flake size can change the perception of color and probably changes how the paint is applied. Many painters consider themselves to be artists with better taste than the professional industrial designers who specified the colors in 1957.

    Do you want an authentic 1957 color, or do you want what your painter thinks looks good in 2014?
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      I definitely wanna stick with original.


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        Have him paint it in base/clear, in the original color. It will still look factory, but much deeper and the metalic that is in it will be less washed out.
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          Ditzler (PPG) # is: DQE-80924-DAL Tierra Gold Poly (Metallic) Studebaker # P5714
          Ditzler (PPG) # is: DQE-8148-DAL Arctic White Studebaker # P5711 (P5711-L)

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