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Ontario Chapter Meet at Badenoch

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  • Ontario Chapter Meet at Badenoch

    Weather was iffy and we had nine or ten Studes in attendance. Small crowd but dedicated. Nice surprise for me when we loaded my spare transmission from Bob Barrick's truck to Kevin Davis' truck: it's a DG250 "M" - first gear start. It came from York, P.A. to Bob Barrick's garage, then to Badenoch, to Kevin's truck to my parking pad in Barrie. A fine specimen, indeed. Worth the price of admission and we had Paul's hot dogs, too!

    I have another DG250 that will be waiting for me at South Bend. Anybody going from Ontario with a truck? I'll cover the gas. Cheers.
    Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)

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    Dave I'm sure glad you are happy with that should of said something today.....I can leave my gloves in the truck

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      It was great to see everyone from both the Ontario Chapter and the Hamilton Chapter and was a super way to kick off a much-delayed Spring season. Thanks to Paul Revelle for putting on such a good show.

      Stu Chapman


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        Enjoyed the fellowship and it was good to see everyone after a long hard winter. I had planned to drive a Studebaker but the weather did not cooperate. Great donuts Paul, breakfast of champions.
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          Thank you, everyone, for coming out.

          I has been a long, cold, lonely winter! (I should write a song, but I would be afraid of "copied right" issues).

          I was glad to see so many out despite the still cold and wet weather. I believe we had at least nine cars out, including the fastest Pure Stock Muscle Car Drags 1955 EVER, Dave Warren's 1955 Commander, driven from Barrie. There were many parts there, many parts made available via the Blackboard, and connections were re-made that make this first of year outdoor event possible and worthwhile. I don't know who made those excellent Studebaker sketches (truck, coupe and Avanti) on the blackboard. but I hated to see those erased at the end of the day. Thank you!

          This last event marked the 41st Annual Swap Meet for the Ontario Chapter, is FREE to both vendors and attendees, and is made possible by the continuing financial support of the Ontario Chapter. (we have had to changes venues over the years - one building burned down!)

          Thank you for your support, Will and Peter, who drive almost three hours one way to be there (and have done this in the past.)

          Thank you, Roland, for your help setting up and taking down and your presentation on Detailing your Car. Thank you everyone else who pitched in to help.

          Coffee, Donuts, hotdogs and Coke - yes, breakfast of Studebaker Champions. To be fair, oranges and apples were available, but I don't think ANY sold. (maybe one orange to an intelligent Studebaker family kid - way to go, Nathan!)

          We have already booked next year's event - last Saturday in April, 2015 - the 25th. (i.e. April 25, 2015 - Mark your calendars now!)
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