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C/L find: 1961 2 dr hardtop w/289

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  • C/L find: 1961 2 dr hardtop w/289

    Too bad it's an auto. trans. Looks like a decent car from the photos, though.

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    Probably this same car that was listed some time ago: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...light=FLAMINGO



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      It has been for sale for a while. The engine color would have to change if it was mine.

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        This is definitely a Ford 289, judging from its color. I would love to have a blue engine in a GT Hawk with Grand Torino script on the outside of the doors and blue ovals on the front fenders. What a conversation starter but I am a bit twisted anyway.
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          I was parked next to this car at the Middle Teen. Meet back in Sept. Glad someone else started this post as I didn't want to open one and start running down the car. It isn't a 6500.00 car, 2500.00 to 3200.00 at best. Been hosed over with paint and some way not correct fixins under the hood. Fellow is a flipper and kinda grumpy. Took it in on trade. He was offered 3k for it and got wizzed and went home. I sat quietly and watched the show. I was asked what I thought about it several times and I didn't answer. Not very good body work and not done by anybody who has a remote idea what a Studebaker is supposed to be and look like. Oily underneath. Not trying to offend owner but saying what I wanted to shout at the meet. I'm certainly not a know it all but do a bit about this era of Studebaker(nuf to be dangerous).


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            Thanks for the info. I just post cars I stumble across that I think might be of interest on the forum. I don't know a thing about 60s Studebakers and have no real interest in them. Your knowledge probably saves someone here a wild goose chase. Just goes to show that photos can be misleading. Always best to check it out in person or have a knowledgeable Studebaker person check it out for you.