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  • Car cover question

    Until my wife and I move in a couple months, my '53 Starliner will be outside; there's just no help for it. Does anyone have any recommendations about car covers? Studebaker International's is custom-fitted to the exact model, but it's $285. Any thoughts?

    (I went and saw it in person today for the first time, by the way, and I'm excited and thinking ahead about it.)

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    I found a couple of good ones on Ebay. If they are going to be temporary short term you could probably get by with an inexpensive model. Just be sure it can breath but won't let dust and moisture through. Cheap ones can actually mar the surface of your paint. I think I paid under a hundred apiece for mine and they work fine. They have elastic along the bottom edge as well as velcro straps to help hold it in place in high winds.
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      try this link:

      I bought a cover for my 61 Hawk and it is water PROOF NOT RESISTENT


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        You do not want one that is water PROOF. If you have one of those, the moisture will get inside it and will not be able to escape. That will turn your car into a terrarium and every little part will rust or get moldy.

        The theory with the water RESISTANT ones is that liquid water will roll off of them, but water vapor will escape through them. That's the theory, at least.

        In actual practice, they still trap water on the bottom where they roll under and the car still turns into a terrarium, but not as bad as the water proof ones.

        The best bet is to take them off during, or immediately after, rain.
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          Try California car cover at
          I have purchased some of the other clovers from eBay and others and the one from California car covers are far superior and they actually honor their warrantee. I have one on my hawk, my m-5 and my brother in laws 240z and they all fit like a glove.


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            + 1 for California Car Covers. I actually keep my red car under one in the garage.
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              Well...if you are indicating that you will be able to move it to a new secure home in a few months, believe me, now that winter is over, it will survive whatever weather it gets. Throw a cotton sheet or blanket over it if you want. If you are concerned with security, any car cover is going to deter only those who would not be hostile to begin with.

              I believe California Car Cover used to be Beverly Hills Motor Accessories. My '53 was protected outside through winter and summer for nearly six years before its cotton fiber failed.
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                I recently got a mid range California Car Cover for my Avanti and have been very pleased with it. In the past I had gone through an Ebay special that was cotton or fleece lined in the $60 range. It was one of those "guaranteed" to fit Avanti, ripping right along the right rear bumper seam the first time I put it on. The California Cover fit well and also rolls up very compactly.


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                  Originally posted by Pat Dilling View Post
                  + 1 for California Car Covers. I actually keep my red car under one in the garage.
                  Another vote for Cal Car Covers. I have probably ordered about ten of them through the years for my cars and never an issue. Like Pat says always covered in the garage to...Mike
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                    Thanks, everyone!