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Studebaker Mansion Stained Glass Panels?

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  • Studebaker Mansion Stained Glass Panels?

    Don't shoot me, I'm only the messenger.

    Found this ad on craigslist. Says they have 4 panels that were from one of the Studebaker mansions. The only pic I've seen of J.M.'s Sunnyside mansion is at the SNM until I found these two. Torn down in 1950? or maybe late 50's? So maybe that's where they're from. I don't really know.
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    Wow I love thoes but cant pay that kind of money for them. Hope someone saves them


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      If they really are what they say then they should be in the Northern Indiana Center for History that's attached to the SNM. I've never had a chance to go through it, too busy looking at the SNM displays.


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        Wonder what Studebaker estate it was from. Jacob and J.M. both built huge houses east of Eddy St. of which only the carriage house remains. Clem Jr. Also had a mansion there that was renovated and turned into Trinity School. Unbelievable that such beautiful and historic homes would be demolished.


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          These were for sale a few years ago. I called on them then and thought the price high.