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    I have heard that delaminated and fogged glass can be restored. Try taking it to a reputable auto glass company.
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      One thing I have noticed some newer posters on our Forum sometimes do, is actually post an email address at the bottom of their post thinking someone is going to bother sending them an email.

      When actually all we do is just click "Reply" and then EVERYONE who reads the Forum can benefit from the help we freely give to them, BUT THEY will never see it if they don't come back.
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        If it's just general cleaning one is doing (i.e., using Windex, etc.) try using (clean, not used) paper coffee filters rather than paper towel or newspaper for your wipe. I used Windex and coffee filters to clean the fingerprints off the glass doors when I worked at Burger King when I was in high school. Worked great. No residue. No streaking. No paper lint left behind like some paper towels.

        Also, if you're dusting the dash and interior, invest in a Swiffer duster (or use the wife's and don't tell her). Swiffer picks up the dust "like a dust magnet" as they claim in their ads---it doesn't just move the dust around. And it can get in all the nooks and crannies. All without leaving a chemical residue.


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          I use this powder for the really tuff stuff...hasn't failed me yet

          And it doesn't scratch.....
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            Originally posted by showbizkid View Post
            Magic Sponge will work on nearly anything.
            Originally posted by gmannix View Post
            Sorry you were right I am new to the forum and wasn't sure if I was responding correctly. Could you elaborate some to the magic sponge.
            Hey, thanks for coming back. Perhaps Clark (showbizkid) will see this and give us more info on the magic sponge.

            I hope you come back often and hang around and contribute to the forum. I did not mean to single you out with my previous post, but I have a concern if those who are not familiar with our forums are, somehow, not understanding the purpose and scope of participating.

            I have compared it to a never ending campfire. Anyone can wander in and contribute to the conversation. Some are better than others at it. You'll find this out as you "hang around."

            I am interested in the "magic sponge" myself.
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              Thanks my questions won't end because I will keep coming back to the Studebaker experts for good info.


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                The "magic sponge" is available in grocery stores. Made by Mr. Clean. Find it with the household cleaners. Works on just about anything.
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                  Originally posted by BeeJay View Post
                  The "magic sponge" is available in grocery stores. Made by Mr. Clean. Find it with the household cleaners. Works on just about anything.
                  Good grief! My wife has been using those for a long time. If you would have told me to look in the cabinet under the kitchen sink for that "white cleaning pad"...I'd have know 'xactly what you meant. That tells you how much I help in the kitchen.

                  They work great for cleaning beet juice stains off the counter-top...don't see why they wouldn't work good on the car/
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                    Yeah, this is the thing I meant:

                    Click image for larger version

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                    They make a few different versions of this; it's a sponge embedded with microfiber and it will take off nearly anything that's take-offable. Just wet down the glass and scrub a bit with one of these and it should take off whatever the goop is (unless the glass is delaminating, as noted above).

                    I have a box of the Industrial Strength version sold at Home Depot in the cleaner aisle

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                      I use a product called "Nothin's Better", and have used it for years. It's a powder made from rice hull ash and can remove just about anything on glass and other materials. This stuff is made here locally in Sacramento. Watch this video Google it for where to buy.


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                        Do you know petzoldts+magic+clean ? It's perfect to clean all of the car and doesn't scratch. I do it before polishing and after washing.
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                          From what I understand, the Magic Eraser started life as a low weight flame retardant airplane seating material. Somebody accidentally discovered that it worked as a cleaning songe.

                          I'll second the effectiveness. I brushed a telephone pole backing up my SUV 8-10 years ago. The Magic Eraser completely removed the rub mark and creosote from the paint.

                          Didn't do a darned thing for the dent, tho!
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