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  • Help me understand this

    I've been following this '55 President coupe on ebay and frankly- I don't get it. The buy it now price is just absurd for a non Speedster, but i also don't get the numbers bidders are throwing down
    I grant that it's a very pretty car but it's also a very incorrect car. The hood ornament should have a gold leading edge, the engine detailing is bad , and the engine itself also has a miriad of wrong colors. None of them are right. Unless the lighting is really bad, the interior has several different shades of blue vinyl. The door panels are in a Commander pattern, and appear to be flat vinyl instead of pleats or squares,and no rug at the bottom which a President should have. The seat upholstery looks to me like seat covers. The windshield wiper switch has what I guess is a radio knob on it
    Color me confused as to why this car has ever climbing bids

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    It could be any number of things...uneducated bidders, bidders with auction fever, maybe it's Spring Fever and a couple of bidders want a turnkey car they can drive right away. There could even be a shill bidder driving the price up for the seller. It only takes two bidders who want the car to drive the price up.
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      Not only the incorrect items you've pointed out on this "restored" car, ceecab, but where is the body tag? I see two holes on the firewall where it belongs.

      One may call this a restored Studebaker, but it is not an authentic restoration. I would call it a "poor attempt" on a relatively scarce body style. OMO.

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        I could see if it was a hardtop then someone plans to swap the inside and rebadge it as a speedster. As said maybe someone just wants a ready to drive nice looking car. I dont see anything that stands out that it wouldn't do well in a normal car show. As far as the wrong peices already listed only a studebaker guy would know and there isn't that many of those at most car meets.


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          ......I'm as puristically anal as the next owner.... don't hold it against me. Do what you want to your car, and as a rule (so far) Stude enthusiasts are not burning the bridge to dis-allow new folks that are not bothered by absolute correctness and matching numbers etc.....Aside from a turn key mobile, the pillared roof "C" models are tighter some 60+ years later...for some folks...


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            If someone asks more than a car is worth that's their right. If someone cares to buy that car for more than it's's their money. As long as they're happy I don't care. It's when someone is financially buried in their car and wants to get out of it without penalty I take issue. I feel no obligation to bail someone out for something they have too much invested in.
            Poet...Mystic...Soldier of Fortune. As always...self-absorbed, adversarial, cocky and in general a malcontent.


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              The BIN may be ridiculous, but the high bid around $15,000 isn't at all terrible...and we don't know what the reserve is. How could you "build" a 1955 President coupe, albeit with a few authenticity issues, for that kind of money?

              I know for a fact that a local chapter member paid more than that for a virtually identical 1955 President coupe in yellow and white several years ago...and his had a [incorrect, since all Presidents were 4-bbls] 2 bbl carb and manifold!

              That said, the presentation needs trunk floor photos, chassis photos, and a battery hold-down! BP
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                I do not think the buy it now price is out of line for a President 2 door. This is a top of the line car. If you look at the Old Cars Guide, the difference in price between a hardtop and coupe is small. I think we are all used to CASO prices and have been spoiled.