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several Studebakers and Packards available in Billings MT

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  • several Studebakers and Packards available in Billings MT

    Several Studebaker cars and trucks, and a few Packards, are available in Billings MT. It's an older ad that's still posted.

    Mark L
    Mark L

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    I've seen this ad before. Given the photos of the '50 LC and (especially) the '51 3 pass. coupe (Corvanti, where are you?), the asking prices are a bit steep, IMO, unless maybe you intend to part them out. You could probably get at least a couple of hundred bucks for that '50 bullet if it's not too pitted or cracked.


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      I went and looked at most of the Studebakers a couple of weeks ago. They were all really rough especially for what he was asking for them. Some he wasn't really sure he wanted to sell after all. I thought most were priced two to three times what they were worth. Just my opinion.
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        Check out my icon. Last year, I bought my 4 door 60 wagon for $700 less than what he's asking for his wagon. I think he's living in all the memories all those cars bring up in his skull. Memories, not realities.

        But, as they say, you can always ask....


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          *1951 Studebaker champion deluxe business coupe 3 passenger 961 made $4200

          I wonder if Roy Valdez saw this, know he was requesting one a little while ago.
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